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    Exanima Beta Released - NDA Lifted

    I was simply defending what marchellonastroenie said earlier. People had misinterpreted what he had said. Anyway, sorry to pollute this forum with my posts.
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    Exanima Beta Released - NDA Lifted

    Oh I understand completely. This system is different, however it isn't difficult, and I know how to use it. I said absolutely nothing about the control scheme, at all. I never mentioned a controller, or targeting mechanics, or anything. Read thoroughly before disregarding my post as some other...
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    Exanima Beta Released - NDA Lifted

    I agree 100%. I heavily enjoy the game as it is, (and I'm not being ignorant) however I feel like these gameplay mechanics would be amazing if the camera was up close and personal with the character (Like a standard 3rd person camera). I understand completely that the Devs have a strict vision...


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