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    Weapons blocking.

    A skilled, agile fighter with a side sword could deflect a hard overhead or diagonal from a polehammer/poleaxe if they could sidestep and redirect the force of the blow. However, there's no chance in hell that a side sword could outright stop a polehammer/poleaxe. At best, the swordsman would be...
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    Solution for 3rd Person

    It's too late for other perspectives. The games are already optimized for isometric.
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    Is it possible to change the name of your arena characters?

    - Navigate %appdata%\exanima - Backup saves - Open the appropriate Arena save and search for the names - Toggle Insert to overwrite the names (I think 16 characters is the limit)
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    What's taking so long?

    Didn't they intend to release it piecemeal, though; one section of the island at a time? You should join the Discord. It's more fun to discuss there!
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    How good are you?

    Well... you asked... so... Concerning my natural ability, I'm pretty good with patterns, I have good intuition, I have excellent reflexes, and I have excellent tempo/timing. As for my gameplay: the controls feel as natural to me as breathing, but I wouldn't say I've mastered them. This is...
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    New trick for your game from an archer god.

    Actually, that video proves that weak bows are impractical for armed combat against warriors/soldiers. Like Midcal9 said, heavier bows aren't necessarily slower. It depends on the archer's strength and draw technique, as well as the bow's length. I highly doubt Lars' bows are even 30lb, and most...
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    New trick for your game from an archer god.

    I was thinking about extra camera control; being able to snap the camera away from your character so you can see further. There could be some modifier for aiming that dynamically pans the view as the cursor moves away from your avatar.
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    New trick for your game from an archer god.

    If you could drop the attitude, maybe you'd notice that I changed my mind and agreed with you, just not on your terms.
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    New trick for your game from an archer god.

    It's not an argument. This is how it is. The rules for XA/SG are laid out in a low fantasy reality and BME seems to take them very seriously. I'm not an authority on historical archery, but I'll just go ahead and call it: historical archers did not practice bending arrows. Arrows fired from war...
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    New trick for your game from an archer god.

    You dropped a video displaying trick archery and didn't pitch anything of use with it, so I decided to parody it. If you don't understand why, I'm sorry, but no one here attacked or trolled you. Games have rules. XA's/SG's rules are set in low fantasy and have a basis in practical medieval...
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    New trick for your game from an archer god.

    Wanted II: Origins Wanted II: Rise of the Fraternity Wanted II: Bend the Arrow Wanted II: 20lb Draw Weight Bowman, a New Level of Stupidity
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    Analysis: Feint vs Remise

    (I don't know what's up wtih these forums as of late, but I can't reply using Firefox or Chrome anymore. Internet Explorer barely works. Can't believe I had to use IE...) You should probably rephrase the effects of Feint/Remise as recovery reduction, rather than "speed". I can't really comment...
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    Game Over.

    You can resurrect in Sui Generis, but this doesn't mean that you are undefeatable, right? That would go against one of BM's omnipotent axioms. Therefore, the main plot should eventually reach some kind of critical finality, yes? Perhaps that stage somehow disrupts your ability to resurrect or...
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    Falling around

    Hitting your head on solid surfaces should pose some danger. It could bring some pretty satisfying scenarios, like if your opponent were recovery from a fall, you could kick their head into a surface for a KO or possible killing blow. Brutal...
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    MrMerk's Mods!

    Watched the grunting video for the first time. I was that close (exactly 2cm) to spitting my drink everywhere after you entered the portal. Well done. :D


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