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  1. Stupidity

    What Mod Would You Make?

    Probably just a content MOD that expands an unappreciated class or build. Like items, missions and skills for Druids/Necros/Shaman Or a new Biom Mod that adds primal forests/swamps, faerie rings, volcanic zones or whatever. Populated by re-textured enemies with new stats and abilities. Maybe a...
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    Content, for now...

    Content, for now...
  3. Stupidity

    Prelude Alpha Release

    Nice, Good to see progress being made
  4. Stupidity

    Waiting for updates

    Waiting for updates
  5. Stupidity

    Inspiring Fear

    Especially combined with the element of unpredictability a procedurally generated dungeon gives you. It would be great if SG's dungeons be generated to be unpredictable and atmospheric. A very good point. I was also thinking more along the lines of creating a horror atmosphere and using the...
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    No problem I'm just glad your avoiding the rushed release pitfall
  7. Stupidity

    Otherworldly metals and materials

    Game needs Ghost/Spectral Weapons Really difficult to get but effectively weightless, gives off light and armor piercing
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    Inspiring Fear

    Ha, its been a long time but since I started this thread but I should reply to your guys excellent posts. Awesome idea, wall climbing enemies would work so much better in this game than most. Another great idea! Random encounters with other adventurers or civilians in dungeons could add...
  9. Stupidity

    New Public Video

    Brilliant! I suggest that in your next video you show off a little more. That falling guard and the tripping over the chair were the highlights of the film. In the next video you should have the main character doing controlled falls off ledges and actually knocking down opponents. It would...
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    New Public Video

    Awesome Thanks Unit attacks really need some more realistic movement, balanced stances and attack chains would add a lot.
  11. Stupidity

    Making people surrender

  12. Stupidity

    Stats and combat AI

  13. Stupidity


    That seems the simplest way. Just add some situational behaviors like, ambushing, opportunistic attack, determined assault and frenzied. I'm surprised more games don't have a system like that.
  14. Stupidity


    I agree with OP. The shallow nature of monsters/animals in 99% of games always bugged me. It breaks immersion when wolves are waiting patiently right beside orcs and skeletons to attack you. Monsters should react to you and each other according to their nature not just attacking anything they...
  15. Stupidity

    New Environment Artist

    Nice, Leonid seems like the perfect person for the job. Always great to see historical inspiration in games.
  16. Stupidity

    Left hand wielding

    Good catch, the occasional left handed enemy could add some spice. Princess Bride references always welcome, but now I want the ability to somersault dramatically into combat.
  17. Stupidity

    World Traveling

    Sounds about right to me. Maybe you could even make some money traveling by hiring yourself as a bodyguard or caravan guard. Not a quest but a method of employment. Randomize the journey with weather and different enemies and you've got a great and fun way to level and make money.
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    You can get away with only a few biomes if done well enough, especially if seasons are confirmed. With seasons should come weather and weather can make a huge difference. A mountain road during a blizzard or fog in a forest can be made very different from a sunny day, especially if weather...
  19. Stupidity

    Inspiring Fear

    Sui Generis seems to have a lot of potential for Terror! With Undead and giant enemies clad in midnight platemail, a realistic lighting system, an open and unpredictable world and a challenging and engaging fighting system, Sui Generis has many tools for terror at it's disposal. Imagine if you...
  20. Stupidity

    Evilness... Will there be ?

    Rather than a Good vs Evil system how about Respect Vs Fear. If you've rescued enough princesses and defended enough travelers you get respect. If you ride an undead horse and are a known casual genocider or necromancer people will fear you. All players definitely shouldn't be treated equal though.


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