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  1. turtleman155

    Performance Comparison Thread :D

    I intend this to be a place for people to post their pc specs and the average framerate the game runs at and at what settings. My pc has an i7-860 and a gtx 970. fps range 75-90 at max settings with no hardware AA. Also does anyone play Exanima on a laptop and how well does it perform :D
  2. turtleman155


    holy shit there has been a lot of spam threads recently. what can we do about this ?
  3. turtleman155

    Greydon Square

    does anyone else know about the rapper greydon square? he's actually really good if you don't get offend by outright atheism but as I am a strong atheist myself it's fine with me :D
  4. turtleman155

    Naming items?

    maybe as discussed before you could find an ancient sword in the underworld and restore to its former glory and its still just called "ancient sword" then you do something really cool with it like kill a tough demon or other enemy, kill a king or powerful thaumaturge and decide to name the sword...
  5. turtleman155


    i believe it would be best to go for greenlight on steam now as the service is currently slated to be shut down in the future sometime so getting it in advance now would help to secure this great games place on steam im just hoping this becomes popular so that the devs can fully flesh out this...


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