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  1. Suggett66

    Anyone from Austria, Graz?

    I'll be going to Austria and the city of Graz in July for a holiday on my own to do some photography, meet a friend and generally see the world and was wondering if anyone from here is from there or has been that could tell me a bit about the city. Any places I should visit, general city tips or...
  2. Suggett66

    Forum bookmark 404'ing

    Is anyone else having the issue of a bookmarked forum link not working? To get to the website i now have to type in "bare mettle entertainment" and go to the first link in Google and then click forum in order to get here. Kinda annoying and was wondering if anyone noticed this is what i get...
  3. Suggett66

    Rules of Engagement

    So this has been on my mind for a while and I have a question about it. There has been mention of the game having a system of individuals caring about their life as a real person would and just to be blunt this idea is awesome and if it works is going to add massive realism. However I was...
  4. Suggett66

    Streaming Arena Fighting Come take a look if you want, chat amongst yourself and watch my slightly laggy, slightly pixelated stream :D


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