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  1. ChavaiotH

    Free game in steam for limited time add it to your library and it will be yours.
  2. ChavaiotH


    Bought it today. Niffelheim looks really cool and reminds me Terraria. Nice visual part.
  3. ChavaiotH

    Some brain games

    An example how easy it is to cheat your brain. Look at this picture. There is a brick wall. The only thing you can see is the brick wall, really? Now I will prompt you that you have not seen for sure. And your brain will constantly focus on this your attention, forever ))
  4. ChavaiotH

    Congratulations BM (GOG release) Congrats.
  5. ChavaiotH

    Crazy idea for Exanima.

    Imagine you've cleared all 14 levels of Exanima dungeons and in the end level there is a door. You enter the door and you are outside. At this point starts Sui Generis. Yesss. Seamless. Of course you have to buy it.
  6. ChavaiotH

    Thoughts about new enemies (spoilers)

    The new weapon can be powered by blue crystals. The blue crystals can be retrieved from dead golems. Golems are powered by blue crystals. Golems=robots ))
  7. ChavaiotH

    Exanima arena in real life.

    Check this out. The arena mode. The bigger arena mode.
  8. ChavaiotH

    Trying to create some realistic asteroids.

    So here the rendered image: And the same with patch borders: Maybe create later some stuff from Exanima. Don't have so much free time ))
  9. ChavaiotH

    Calm before the storm?

    That's the question. Waiting for the big update :)
  10. ChavaiotH

    Strange error.

  11. ChavaiotH

    Update, we need an update!

    So, killed everything. Checked all rooms. Isn't it time for the new content update? Please...
  12. ChavaiotH

    Finally I killed him.

    dead Sir
  13. ChavaiotH

    Sky, sun, stars...

    At 5:15, does that mean that we can lower the camera angle in the game to look at sky/stars? Ok it's impossible in a dungeon (Exanima), but in Sui Generis?
  14. ChavaiotH

    Just noticed some new implementation

    On level 4 was attacked by skeleton. Killed him. Then come another one, than again, and the last one knocked me out. I thought he killed me, but after the black screen, found myself alive laying on the ground. My 2H sword was on the ground to. He knocked it out of my hands. Maybe it was in...
  15. ChavaiotH

    Sui Generis news?

    Some Sui Generis news or info, new screens, videos? Or is it private forum only? Maybe a new baker campaign? What about to adding a game to GOG, not only steam.
  16. ChavaiotH

    Question to the devs about the npc ai.

    Can you tell us more about the npc ai? Can they hear my steps or any kind of noise I'm making? Why can't they open the doors, when they running after me? It will be a really cool function.


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