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  1. Valda

    Level 5 content question

    I think I pretty much finished level 5, but
  2. Valda

    Why isn't the torch a dual wield weapon?

    Title. I want to use it as an off-hand and be able to attack with it.
  3. Valda

    How to dual wield

    Are there some requirements? What weapons can I use? I fought in the arena vs. a dual wielding opponent and tried to use her weapons, but I couldn't make it work. I only managed it in the practice arena, so I thought it was maybe connected to some skills. If that's the case, which ones? Thanks.
  4. Valda

    Line of sight

    This is an issue that was on my mind a lot while playing the game, and i didn't find any other posts about it. Right now in game you can see anything that is both a) lit by a light source b) in the same room as your character (or just outside the entrance) This results in you being able to see...
  5. Valda

    Exanima Memorial Wall

    Hey everyone, I love the arena mode in Exanima and i spent literally hundreds of hours there. Sometimes I grow attached to some of my characters (recruits and hirelings) and when they die, I would love a feature to remember them, similar to how some other games handle it. Memorial wall A list...
  6. Valda

    Chloe's story

    Hello everyone. I have been lurking on the forums for a while now, but this is my first post. It is the copy of journal entries of one of my characters, Chloe. She is still making her way through the dungeons, so I expect she will continue updating it. As soon as I get my hands on more, I will...


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