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  1. ChavaiotH

    Для тех кто не знает ИнЯз

    а я взял себе sanctus reach )) вот стратегию гоняю
  2. ChavaiotH

    Any news when the next update will drop?

    Yeah, what about update and some new info about Sui Generis?
  3. ChavaiotH

    Для тех кто не знает ИнЯз

    Ждемс короче
  4. ChavaiotH

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    They start spinning after 45 or 50 degrees (don't remember).
  5. ChavaiotH

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Must say, the game runs much smoother with my new baby) )
  6. ChavaiotH


    So when is the next update?
  7. ChavaiotH


  8. ChavaiotH

    Buying into insiders / beta stream

    Muahaha haha you bastard.
  9. ChavaiotH

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Bastard) )))
  10. ChavaiotH


    Update time.....update... we need an update
  11. ChavaiotH

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    So, when is update time?
  12. ChavaiotH

    I would like to upgrade my account and maybe many others.
  13. ChavaiotH

    Free game in steam for limited time add it to your library and it will be yours.
  14. ChavaiotH

    Believable RPGs

    Have you seen this?
  15. ChavaiotH


    It's summer. The dev's need a rest. Give them more time.
  16. ChavaiotH

    What's Next?

    Какое-то гнилое мудло сливает.
  17. ChavaiotH

    Congratulations BM (GOG release)

    Why, there is no difference between drm-free version from BM site and GOG.
  18. ChavaiotH


    Bought it today. Niffelheim looks really cool and reminds me Terraria. Nice visual part.
  19. ChavaiotH


    Нееееееет они найдут тебя. Не делай этого. Они всегда найдут...
  20. ChavaiotH


    Они хотят, чтобы мы так думали.... но они меня сводят с ума... а ты знаешь что есть черные кристаллы?


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