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  1. Frushtuck

    Journal of an adventurer

    Nicely done Bobchaos. And quite well written. Yes you are the necromancer!
  2. Frushtuck


    OUch; Knocked out!!! Marvellous
  3. Frushtuck

    New Arena (v Beta)

    OUCH Moppy!!
  4. Frushtuck

    Combat Gameplay (customization influence)

    Sometimes too tall too! Lots of strikes go over the head of tiny guys... I agree with Tony, the Ai should react to crouching, for normal strikes. I only use it for the overhead strike, one crazy blow !!
  5. Frushtuck

    Blocking in pugilism

    My Guild Master is the only one fighting with his fits, now expert, only with pugilism (lost my last "Guild" and... not again). The sensations are good, and yes it does feel like drunken master sometimes...
  6. Frushtuck

    Exanima Beta - Blood!

    visually excellent!! pretty good job guys...
  7. Frushtuck

    New Arena (v Beta)

    Can't see it either.
  8. Frushtuck

    New Arena (v Beta)

    Bonne année à tous, Happy new year, for the first day, what could be better to get a hand on this perhaps unfinished but still new arena mode? That's nice!
  9. Frushtuck

    Merry Christmas to the team & fans

    Merry Christmas to all, i'll have a swim for this lovely summer Christmas here in Toulouse. And to the devs, hope you're resting and enjoying a bit, but not too much huh, can't wait the next update...
  10. Frushtuck

    Old forgotten French castle reclaimed by nature

    They liberate an old buddy 2 years ago, from water, near my hometown.
  11. Frushtuck

    What's Next?

    Very appetizing overview, let's fall deeper in the arena. One thought tough, about unconsciousness, how long could it realistically last? And so the AI would knock you down and perhaps choose to walk away? Or have a hard time finishing you...
  12. Frushtuck


    Already using it!
  13. Frushtuck

    MrIdontKnow's Magically Wonderful Guide To The Search Button

    incredible, i used the search bar and found this clever and useful guide to it.


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