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    Exanima Beta Released - NDA Lifted

    + Graphics and character generation is awesome! + GUI is good and the letter window is okay: text should be larger and the whole letter-reading window should occupy the center of the screen and dismissable by closing its window - you don't hold a letter 3 meters away from you in the corner (of...
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    Update #28: Update #28

    Good job with update #28. The AUTOMAP is fantastic! Don't change the color design too much, that light brown meshes perfectly with the dungeons palette. Please allow the fonts to become BOLD so we can read them easier. in this picture You already nailed...
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    Alpha Combat Trailer feedback

    Congratulations! Now that's what I was talking about! Very nice improvement! Next I would try to achieve: Impact hits: - Bigger weapon hits could make the recipient stagger back a few steps, then recover. - Slash hits with larger weapons could make the recipient spin (with nice blood splatter...


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