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  1. Gaurus

    Examina 0.6 Impression

    I am liking the effects of the latest patch a great deal. I have sent several characters all the way through the portal. Combat is smoother and more reliable. I am not able to take out opponents more reliably with a number of different weapons whereas before I only trusted weapons with long...
  2. Gaurus

    Suggestion: Decapitation

    This would be a cool little addition. Especially with the two handed sword I can land neck/head shots just about whenever I feel like it. If the opponent's health is low enough, why not have the head pop off on the kill shot?
  3. Gaurus

    A few suggestions after hours of gameplay

    I will put these in a list format, it will be much easier on the eyes: 1. Map needed that reveals itself and saves as you go. This should toggle and pause play. I wasted a lot of time running around in order to memorize the landscape. I don't need many details, just would like an enlarge/shrink...


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