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  1. the0thMonkey

    Easter Eggs

    So, maybe it's nonsensical to create a thread about a topic that by its definition should be kept secret, but I'm wondering what the official take is on easter eggs. Do the devs intend to include any? Or do they feel that they would be immersion breaking and would detract from the otherwise...
  2. the0thMonkey

    Games to Fill the Gap: What you're playing before Sui Generis

    So, we've got a couple of threads going about people's favourite games, but so far, none about what people are playing while we wait for the big release. So, I thought I'd make it a thing :) What have you been playing recently? How do you like it? Connections to SG (if any)? They don't have to...
  3. the0thMonkey


    So, while reading the Wikipedia article on quests the other day, I was shocked to find that up to this point all quests in video games can be broken down into four categories. Kill, delivery, gather, and escort. This seems wrong. While we know some facts about how quests will be handled in Sui...
  4. the0thMonkey

    What does the player have to lose?

    The other day, one of my friends mentioned that they had started playing Skyrim again. Having not played it for a long while, I decided I would revisit it as well. While just walking through the wilderness, I realized something: One of the reasons why Skyrim is such a shallow game is that pretty...
  5. the0thMonkey

    Gaming Laptop Suggestions

    Hello everybody! I am looking to buy a new laptop and I was hoping for suggestions from some of the more hardware savvy members of this forum. My current laptop (about 2 years old) has very poor performance in terms of gaming and I was looking for a superior substitute. The laptop doesn't...
  6. the0thMonkey

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Is making your avatar a spacesuit with your favourite thing where the head should go a thing? I noticed Cooper Holt has a sloth in a space suit and Pancakez54 has pancakes. Am I missing something? Should I join the club? Should we ALL join the club?! P.S. You might not have noticed, but...
  7. the0thMonkey

    Music and Sounds

    Okay, here's a topic that has not seen a lot of discussion on this forum. I know the game is pre-alpha so this can be dealt with much later on, but I think it's a good idea to have a place to post ideas and suggestions about this as the game is developed. Music is really important for creating...
  8. the0thMonkey

    Creature Suggestions

    So, I thought it would be a good idea to get a thread started where people could post about creatures they would like to see in the game. As we saw, porky (the ogre) was featured in many of the videos so I'm assuming fantastical but plausible creatures are key in this game. There has also been...
  9. the0thMonkey

    Persistence concerning NPCs and the World

    I'm not sure if this aspect of the game has been covered already but I find it really interesting and I hope we can get a discussion going here. One of my favourite elements in most games is the idea that the world is persistent, and that it exists whether or not my character is around. For...


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