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  1. SwordJoe

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    My first time in the dungeon :) this game is so awesome and the fear is real!!
  2. SwordJoe

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Hi there, i got the game a few weeks ago and am loving it! the combat feels very real and i am really into the arena mode. so far i have not gotten around to thinking about the insane amount of possibilities this game has when it comes to a kind of single-player/adventure experience. I want to...
  3. SwordJoe

    Exanima Released

    Hi, just got the game! I am a Darksouls fan and this right here just blew my mind! Very good work and it looks so beautiful. Also it runs so smooth! Unreal dudes!!! I am really excited where this will be going! Now excuse me... i have some people to punch... witch my very large sword...
  4. SwordJoe

    all the bloodshed!

    all the bloodshed!


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