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  1. Crombir

    Special body attacks

    Hey guys, i was thinking about a new type of attacks. Till now we have only attacks with weapons, but there should be kicks or tackles as independent attacks. You can use them with and without weapons. As example you are running and suddenly an enemy comes out of a roome. You could just...
  2. Crombir

    Trap way need help

    I made it through all. But in the end i was a bit disapointed bad loot :(
  3. Crombir

    Trap way need help

    I made it. I blocked two levers in fact you have only 25 sec and running through the floor takes 21. Without blocking its nearly impossible
  4. Crombir

    Trap way need help

    Wow then i have to be very fast
  5. Crombir

    Trap way need help

    So next problem (Im not good in riddles) there are a lots of levers with a time period, but i cant get them stuck
  6. Crombir

    Trap way need help

    Hey guys, im trying this room for hours could you help? thank for any help :)
  7. Crombir


    that would be awesome! there is no good way to knock down your enemy


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