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  1. Nomad

    skills in 0.6.3 not working (?)

    Playing the game today (awesome with an update by the way) I can't really tell if the skills are working at all. I cant tell if the armour skills are working, but the melee skills definitely don't seem to be working. Have equip "Remise" my character dont swing twice and dont seem to be swinging...
  2. Nomad

    Unstable, crashing

    Hi My game crashes after few minutes of play on my laptop, and arena doesn't work: Win 8,1 intel core i5-3230m 260ghz 64 bit Nvidia GeForce GT 650m It worked perfectly on the first version and 0.5.1 Can anyone help? Or can't you make a hotfix? Thank you
  3. Nomad

    Combat attack direction

    Attack swings really, really needs to be put to left and right mouse button. If I want to swing from the left - I click on the left mouse button and swings fom the right is done by clicking on the right mouse button. Magic can have its own button - like F or V. At the very least give us...
  4. Nomad

    Recover balance

    When the character falls over, for whatever reason, he just goes stiff and falls without even trying to recover his balance. That is something I would very much seen put in. I justran full speed into a zombie (on purpose) to knock him over, but instead it was me who fell - unfortunaly for me he...
  5. Nomad

    On the matter of arena

    I have now spent days going just to get through the novice and I finally did. I went straight into expert mode and beat 6 in my first try. It's much easier and much more fair. Because of the armour you start with full health - most of the time. And a good fair fight is much more enjoyable than...
  6. Nomad

    Food and effects on physique

    Talking about physique. It could work like this: the characters physique changes depending on what the character do and eat (this will mean having a hunger system) I you eat a lot and healthy food, you gain muscle. This makes you (passiv) stronger. If you eat cakes and lots of sugar, you get...
  7. Nomad

    AI director

    So exactly what is the AI director? What does it do? (the key word here is "EXACTLY")


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