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  1. Mikodzi

    Chat server for Exanima and Sui Generis fans

    Hiya! Guys, I have made up chat room (based on slack) for us - Exanima and Sui Generis fans. You are all welcome there, invite link: Slack - Discord - Cheers!
  2. Mikodzi

    [Suggestion] Archery Mechanics

    Hi guys! I know that there was couple of topics regarding archery. But on this one I want to present my vision of archery mechanics that could be implemented into Exanima or SG. I really love Exanima, but almost in all games I role-play an archery character, so is it very important for me to get...
  3. Mikodzi


    Is it just me, or just BM devs are ignoring forums, of course except Madoc. I feel some mystery behind it -.- Maybe Sir got loose from that cage that they locked him in at the office and eat the rest of the staff? Or maybe they were testing that blue portal and it have collapsed? We need...


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