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  1. oldnorsehero

    Game-Crashing Glitch

    So, I was playing a few days ago and after getting knocked out by Sir about 5 times, my character got up but his right arm was stuck in the floor. I had to go to work so I couldn't get any screenies, but I just hopped on and I have all this happening. It crashed the game when I loaded that same...
  2. oldnorsehero

    GLITCH "Failed to obtain user item:"

    Edit: The new updates fixed it :D
  3. oldnorsehero

    Hireling's A.I. Questionable?

    I'm wondering whether the Hireling A.I. is different than enemy NPCs in terms of accuracy, aggressiveness, etc. All of my hirelings absolutely suck. I've replaced 4 from dying, and I'm losing more coin than gaining using them. They absolutely get their asses handed to them on a silver platter...
  4. oldnorsehero

    A small glitch with the layer clothing system

    I seem to have found a slight glitch where the waistcoat and chain coif aren't layering right. I'm not complaining, it provides too little defense for me to be serious about wearing, but just posting this as feedback in case the devs want the layer system to be perfect.
  5. oldnorsehero

    Types of Hairstyles

    I know the developers were talking about adding some new character creation features in Exanima and SG, but on the topic of hair, I'm curious as to what types of hair will be added. Beards, 'staches, sideburns, eyebrows, head hair, and if they feel to go as far as body hair. 'Cause there are...
  6. oldnorsehero

    Optional hand-dominance, permanent wounds/blood

    Not sure if anyone's said anything about these ideas, so I'm gonna throw it out there before it slips my mind. Giving an option of lefty/righty/ambidextrous or simply dragging the weapon/shield to the other hand would give combat an interesting change of things, I'd imagine. Maybe fights would...


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