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  1. Hardcore2dacore


    Hello all, Just wondered if anyone has had a go on Tolroko- A John Carter (Or rather- Barsoom) inspired open world sci-fi RPG I urge you guys if fans of sci fi to check out Tolroko, you can download the latest build for free (New update today) on the tmblr downloads page. Its build on a self...
  2. Hardcore2dacore

    Kenshi... anyone?

    Hi all, Anyone playing Kenshi at all? Its a top down squad based strategy rpg featuring samurai, a large open world, an odd feudal era/dieselpunk? (Maybe, you have cool analog metal limbs and mounted guns) mashup with base building, a procedural insult engine(yes the game makes its own...
  3. Hardcore2dacore

    should it take this long?

    Hi guys, I paid my £40 for alpha over a day ago and am yet to be an 'insider' and have no downloads available. Does it usually take a few days? Seems odd to me Thanks.
  4. Hardcore2dacore

    Quite quiet over here!

    Hi Devs, Hope all is well im sure you're very busy with the game but is all well. I backed recently and its worrying when theres no recent activity y'know :)


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