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  1. Satorii

    [Bug] [v] Arena Merchant duplicate equipment bug

    So this is a weird one. In the Manage screen, whenever you put a new item (anything they didn't have prior to you hiring them) to your Merchant's Other Items box, equip it on them, and exit, you will find the item duplicated when you come back. Another way this bug works is when you equip an...
  2. Satorii

    Useful combat advice from Roland Warzecha - "True times"

    Since Exanima uses mechanics that very closely mimic what it's like to move in real life, the tactics Roland describes in these videos prove to be very effective when applied to combat in the game. Yes, he mostly talks about weapon binds, which aren't really part of in-game combat, but there's...
  3. Satorii

    Character position overflow and other errors

    edit: This is version! So, just after getting the night vision helmet, I encountered a series of errors preceded by my character seeming to "sink" into the ground and all of a sudden having its whole mesh extrude so far out it covers the whole screen. Here are a series of screenshots. I...
  4. Satorii

    My character literally fell apart

    After loading my Arena profile, I noticed the torch I took in an earlier session from the lobby sconce was replaced with another one (that first torch was still equipped in my left hand). So, I took it and equipped it, now technically "dual-wielding" torches. Nothing happened. It looked cool...
  5. Satorii

    Weird errors: Character/parts of character do not load

    These series of errors started in the Arena, after switching out a piece of gear (pants) from my main character to sell. This is quite different from the one Avramovic posted earlier about the disappearing pants. In this case, parts of the character would actually disappear: legs, arms, etc. and...
  6. Satorii

    Character stops running after grazing walls

    Has anyone ever had this happen to them? When you're going full sprint or just plain old jogging, and you graze a wall or corner even just slightly, your character sometimes just stops, dead in their tracks! I'm talking full stop even as you try to move using the mouse both in and out of combat...
  7. Satorii

    Trapped in a box

    So just before I was about to fight the big guy, I thought I should double back and check if I've missed anything in the past level. Well, just outside the glassworks there was this enticingly human-sized crate standing right-side up like a little doorway. "Neat," I thought. So I stepped in and...
  8. Satorii

    Bug: Arena opponent gets "disarmed" and keeps trying to fight

    At mid-fight I hit the mace wielder with a graze (not enough to kill him; fairly certain he still had ~50% hp), sending his mace flying and momentarily making him ragdoll as if he had died. A second later he is standing again, shield in hand, without a weapon, and still trying to attack me! As...
  9. Satorii

    Weapon got stuck to me: bug brings ultrarealism to Exanima

    Though this is very likely a bug, I thought it was pretty cool. This level 1 fool got me right smack on the leg with his spiked club, and the weapon actually stuck into my soft, fleshy thigh! More amazing was that it clung there like a grappling hook and caused the little fella to be dragged...
  10. Satorii

    Controls: The divide between left and right side of the character

    Hey guys. I've been having trouble initiating a left>right swing attack consistently when I use 1h weapons and 50% of the time my character does a right>left swing instead, which ends up with me having an axe stuck to my side. What I mean is, I am able to perform right>left swings consecutively...
  11. Satorii

    Traps and using objects in combat

    Has anyone really tried to set up a genuine Rube Goldbergian trap? I've only seen one other instance of it from the video Tony posted. I'd like to hear some stories of people trying them and seeing them work or fail. The best I could manage was use an inordinate amount of chairs from to create...
  12. Satorii

    Cyclic reference path in matrix [Message]

    This message: "Cyclic reference path in matrix" came up out of nowhere while I was running away from some hostiles. I closed it and everything seemed fine after that. Anyone know what it's about?
  13. Satorii

    Constraining the cursor in Combat Mode

    One of the problems I've encountered learning combat was keeping my cursor within a reasonable distance from my character. One of the implications of this is that the farther the cursor is from my character, the slower my horizontal swings and blocking movement will be. Paying attention to...


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