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  1. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Imediate Texture problems in new Beta

    I've just downloaded Beta ver. and ran my previous Compaign save. First thing i noticed was wrong texture map of Fire Greatsword. Then i launched the game and tried to test it out and imediately got Fire particles mis textured. I think it can be just the problem of previous saves.
  2. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Cruel Instaban without any notice

    Hello, i made it back to discord server not long ago, and after 2 days got banned for something i did not know was even a thing in that server. Without any warning or notice from mods. Bot says it was becouse of "Nazi photography and issues following moderator commands". But no one said me even...
  3. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Can you unban in discord pls or at least tell me why i was banned

    I got banned like 1-1.5 month ago. It was after i was discussing something off-top with members. The next morning i wake up i was banned. I think i may have fluided too much, i can not see another cause. I have got one warning from a mod but it was a half a week before that and i believe i did...
  4. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Is it possible to join the Insider three ribbon community, and if it is then how?

    There's no three ribbon token in the game, so i wonder where are these golems, after defeating which i will be granted with the access to the sacred brotherhood. I just wish my experience to be used in helping devs with game progress.
  5. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Really annoying game breaking [BUG]

    I consider myself as an ultimate overhead swagger, so there's no overhead planted without crouching for additional crunching. But i've ran multiple times into very unfair bug related, as i guess, to interaction of balancer with uneven surface. The problem is when im trying to smash enemy's head...
  6. muxanuk_the_proctor


    Hi, been replaying the Story mode lately and noticed simple not-that-much combat affecting bug. I usually manage the undead (in this particular moment - lvl1 zombies) by closing the distance, switching to combat mode and instantly overheading. But if i double-click attack the enemy right after...
  7. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Overview after 240 hours in-game

    Hi everyone! In this thread i'd like to share my feelings about gameplay, overall thoughts on the game and some suggestions. Part one - feelings. I hit on Exanima almost 3 years ago and loved it at first sight. At first time i tried it myself i got scaried by the gameplay and the constant...
  8. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Dual wielding opponent chance

    Hey, sometime ago i've figured out that in arena dual wielder spawn chance is based on spectre of O-H weapons for each tier, that's why we get less of them on Expert - Master tiers. So i came up with an idea that you can improve opponent randomisation script with adding classes; Two-handed...


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