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  1. HeyRevolver

    When it clicks..

    Damn! You will have a lot of fun in arena, and probably be able to rack up 185 more hours in it. I've only made it to the 4th level once in 105 hours because 100 of those hours have been in the arena!
  2. HeyRevolver

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    So satisfying.. Just making sure he is dead..
  3. HeyRevolver

    When it clicks..

    It is definitely a very capable control scheme. I am still learning, but I am starting to see how precise you can be with your attacks if you can get your cursor in the right spot. Nice avatar btw \[T]/
  4. HeyRevolver

    When it clicks..

    I finally picked up Exanima the other day after coming across it on steam multiple times, and now I am kicking myself in the nuts for not getting it sooner. I wish I would have heard about Sui Generis back when it was on KS! Anyway, at first I was not a huge fan of the movement, camera, and...


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