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  1. yamakia

    Any Tabletop RPG players?

    I've been a player and gm for d&d 3.5 through 5e, pathfinder, world of darkness and numenera. cant play regularly any more unfortunately primarily due to work.
  2. yamakia

    Enemy Speculation thread

    wouldn't it be cool to fight a powerful thaumaturge that can use teleportation magic against you to prevent you from getting away or outright teleport you off a wall like I personally think some kind of large river monster similar in design to a crocodile would be very cool to fight, having...
  3. yamakia

    Enemy Speculation thread

    I'm well aware of the game being in a low fantasy setting, but I was wondering how the devs would expand on the variety of enemies, perhaps soldiers in vehicles such as chariots? other creatures like Sir from the underworld? perhaps a large undead amalgamation of corpses? or creatures that crawl...
  4. yamakia

    Sad update...

    I may not have had a profile on this forum for a very long time as I prefer to lurk, however I hope that Bare Mettle sticks to their current vision of how they intend the game to be rather than listening to new and toxic members of the community.


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