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  1. Anthony Obilor

    Couldn t the alternate attack button act as LMB (attack)?

    I like alt+ attack, also you do not need to hold alt, you need it just to initiate the attack. So thrust works like this, alt+ L click, release alt as soon as attack starts, easy, you just need to hold alt for less than a sec. Alt can further be used to alternate other attacks in future not just...
  2. Anthony Obilor

    Am i the only one...

    Here you go. I am currently on my phone but later in the day I'll try and write up something nicer. But most importantly and different about the shield is that you need to learn to use footwork and rotation to get your shield in position, you can even use it to knock your enemy's blow aside if...
  3. Anthony Obilor

    Am i the only one...

    Search the steam forums I made a post about the proper way to use the shield. I use sword and shield on my main recruit and it is my preferred fighting style. I can easily close position so the 2h wielder doesn't have the space to get off good swings, keep rushing them and circling. Sturdy...
  4. Anthony Obilor

    [Bug] Wall Rotated

    That happens from continuing an old character in an updated game. He started a character e.g. In 5.0 and updated and clicked continue.
  5. Anthony Obilor

    Exanima 0.6 Released

    You have to remember, you dont gain experience immediately, you absorb experience at a set rate, this helps prevent grinding. So no matter what you do you still absorb exp at the same rate it just adds to a pool.
  6. Anthony Obilor

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Different fantasy world
  7. Anthony Obilor

    Merry Christmas to the team & fans

    I just wanted to say merry Christmas all you guys and especially the team that is creating my favourite game this year. Never have I found myself enjoying and anticipating updates like I do this game. Have an amazing holiday guys, mine is cold n dusty... Hamatan...
  8. Anthony Obilor

    Sometimes this happens when I launch

    Using a republic of gamers laptop with nvidia card
  9. Anthony Obilor

    Sometimes this happens when I launch

    Has happened to me like twice. Relaunching always fixed it for me
  10. Anthony Obilor

    [Video] Useful attacks, Footwork, and how to fight shields

    Nice video, interesting to see that technique for adding force to the attack, I do my backhand quite differently, mine is shallower but with a lot of force; I do this by using footwork to pull back at the right moment which makes the character do a heavy l2r without moving forward or backwards...
  11. Anthony Obilor

    Exanima camera in Sui Generis

    I think a view like the current character continue screen will be good. While indoors use it like that but when no roof is present allow the character to slightly pitch it upwards and rotate the camera, just *slightly so u can see the horizon and not for looking overhead. As soon as you release...
  12. Anthony Obilor

    Exanima story

    I will drop another analysis to back up the subject still being at large. I suspect that when the subject vanished they had gone through the portal and that's why he couldn't be tracked. I suspect the subject may be like us and have some inherent thaumaturgy hence why they were able to shield...
  13. Anthony Obilor

    Exanima story

    @Mowglia Your observations and theories are almost identical to mine. You put everything together in a logical manner and did not make presumptions to facts without proof. I am gonna throw some observations I noticed, it wont be as structured as yours as I am too lazy to do it right now :p I do...
  14. Anthony Obilor

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Slime on the floor that can make you slip
  15. Anthony Obilor

    Thoughts and Ideas General

  16. Anthony Obilor

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    I think being able to do that will probably change, The A.I. doesnt perceive it as an attack so just ends up being bullied without reacting properly. I hope being able to throw an opponent isnt removed just tweaked to be more streamlined.
  17. Anthony Obilor

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Nice fight, I perform that move regularly,its a matter of rotating your torso correctly and sometimes adding a step but is not really necessary. I play sword and shield as well
  18. Anthony Obilor

    ExAnima cheat - Godmode

    Actually it harms the intended method of playing, so it destroys the intended experience. It is exactly like being a virtual drug dealer.
  19. Anthony Obilor

    Still a techdemo?

    Don't know why yall bothered explaining, just send him on his way the same way he came in.


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