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  1. TwoPumpWarrior

    Dark Souls 3

    So Dark Souls 3 announcement is just around the corner. Is anyone here excited? I know I sure as hell am. Well this big album of images just leaked, check it out here. Here's a few samples ;)
  2. TwoPumpWarrior

    ASOIAF / Game of Thrones Discussions (Spoilers)

    Didn’t see anywhere to discuss ASOIAF/GOT so I decided I’d make one. This isn’t exclusive to the book or tv series, just as general place to discuss and/or throw out tinfoil theories. I’d suggest that spoilers be used at least until Season 5 is wrapped up. Myself, I watched the first season...
  3. TwoPumpWarrior

    Gonna try a stream
  4. TwoPumpWarrior

    Hard to be a God

    "This is not Earth. It's another planet, identical, about 800 years behind." Looks pretty damn cool, definitely gonna give this a watch.
  5. TwoPumpWarrior

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Or happy holidays to anyone not celebrating! Got any neat recipes for the day? I'm deep frying turkey with Cajun seasoning, Au gratin potatoes with caramelized onions and goat cheese, a green been casserole with mint and bacon, yeast rolls, and pumpkin bread. I also made some appetizers of...
  6. TwoPumpWarrior

    Super Smash Bros 3DS

    Anyone playing this demo yet? I was not fortunate enough to receive a code but I played on my friend's 3DS. I'll just say it is a LOT OF FUN. Too many fighters to choose from when you're sharing one console.
  7. TwoPumpWarrior


    The world is harsh and while not everything will be out to kill, I would rather be able to discern such interest from the travelers I come across. So why not the ability to scout? With the world view presented from the sky, all we are able to see is roughly what can be fit on screen. Zooming may...
  8. TwoPumpWarrior

    Uncompressed Gameplay

    Reading through the forums, it was mentioned that the videos released are in compressed formats which severely diminishes the quality. Would you consider uploading a video in an uncompressed form for direct download? Watching the videos, I think the game looks beautiful but I'd like to see the...


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