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  1. Brendan

    Exanima Steam Keys

    Hi everyone, Just to let you know Steam keys have been issued ready for the launch tomorrow and should be available to view on your account page now. You should also receive an email with them either tonight or tomorrow! As usual please let me know if you have any trouble! Thanks!
  2. Brendan

    Forum Image Issues

    Hi everyone, There is an issue at the moment with uploading/viewing directly uploaded images to the forums which I am currently investigating and will fix ASAP. Thanks, Brendan
  3. Brendan

    Backer Accounts and Tier Upgrades

    Every backer has an account on our website which you can log in to using the 'Account' link at the bottom of any page ( From here you can view/manage your reward tier and access any available downloads (e.g. dev videos or game releases). Your username should...
  4. Brendan

    New forum titles

    Hi guys, We've updated the forum titles to Member, Supporter and Insider. If you're a supporter or insider that registered here with a different email address then please email from your payment account and tell us your forum email address. Cheers, Brendan


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