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  1. Komuflage

    SCCT fans look here.

    If you, like me, is a huge fan of the old Splinter cell; pre Double agent, and just Love SCCT, then this project might be of interest to you. Despite the awful pitch video, this looks like a complete...
  2. Komuflage

    Dark Souls II Input lag (PS3)

    Since there is a lot of Souls fan here and the community is great, I thought I would ask here, rather than some other place. Anyway, Dark Souls 2 was just released a few days ago here (EU) but I'm having a real hard time enjoying in due to one specific reason... I'm playing the PS3 version and...
  3. Komuflage


    Just an suggestion to ad a shoutbox to the forum. I've seen, a lot of people (probably including myself) who create new threads about subjects already existing. Sometimes we've quite a lot of different threads about the same thing. I've also seen post were the OP just ask 1 question, already...
  4. Komuflage

    Dark Souls II Info, spoiler free.

    Hello, as all Demon's and Dark souls fan here probably know, Dark souls II is in the making, and is being released next year. However I personally would like to get some more info about the game, but at the same time I don't want anything spoiled. In order to make any sense of that, it...
  5. Komuflage

    Eve Online

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone here is currently playing eve? Going to start a new account today, but would like a 21day trial instead of 14. So if anyone is currently playing (Have an active account) I would much appreciate a referral :D
  6. Komuflage

    Best posts of the Forum

    Every now and then some1 writes a really hilarious post here on the forum. So I thought we could make place to store them, so they just don't get lost in the sea of posts out there. Now, here are some of my Favourites. (Need the picture for this one) Parco Folgore - Is the Forum supposed to...
  7. Komuflage

    500 message trophy.

    Why is there no trophy for 500 messages? :confused: Or 300 for that matter. As it's with not it's; 1, 30, 100, 1000. There is quite a jump from 100-1000. Now I'm at 491 post with this post, and I want points :D Even if this is an honest request... Don't take this to seriously :oops:
  8. Komuflage

    Something Beautiful

    For those who missed it.
  9. Komuflage

    Is the forum supposed to look like this!?

    Is it supposed to look like this now, or isn't my browser loading it properly!? Help, I'm confused :eek::eek: :eek::eek: :eek::eek: :eek::eek: :eek::eek:
  10. Komuflage

    Summer Games Done Quick 2013 - July 25th - 29th

    SDA is doing another of their annual speed runs marathons, starting at 2PM EST (GMT-4) the 25th they'll stream their speed runs of over 75games (Mostly classics) all the way till the 29th (morning 30th, depending on where you live) Sites: -...
  11. Komuflage

    A Hat in time: Kickstarter (Mario 64/Wind Waker)

    Hello, here's a project I've been following for a while. They just created their kickstarter: It's a old school platforming game. Gorgeous "Wind waker" graphics, and what looks like standard...
  12. Komuflage

    Questions: Revisited

    Hello. Like with any other game that's under development, the fans got tons of questions about features and the like, SG is no different. During my time on this forum I've seen a lot of interesting questions, but not all of these have been given a good response. (In most cases this is due to...
  13. Komuflage

    Cube World :eek: :eek: To dam many Awesome Rpgs coming out the next few years. Indie title being developed by "Wollay" he claims it to be a mix of Minecraft, Zelda and Diablo, With a random generated cube world, with...
  14. Komuflage

    Should we rename "off Topic" to "Botcamp" or something similar?

    So with the ever increase in bot population in the off Topic section, I suggest a name change, to better fit what we'll find here. So share you're thoughts. Just got 3 more things to say: 1. Don't take this to seriously. 2. I understand that BM might not have the time to fix this issue at...
  15. Komuflage

    "New Game +"

    Hello, got a little quiestion here, will this game feature some sort of "New Game +"? And if it will, how will it work, considerings it's supposed to be open world, and once you completed the main story, you can still continue to play (Like the TES games for instance) Personally I don't want...


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