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  1. Justin_Paplus

    Snow effect

    I suppose there will be realistic snow ingame, did you devs already test that, using your weather tech (that could simulate a snow storm) ? snowy landscape would add a lot to Sui Generis mood. I suppose that with a use of a shader blending and your procedural tech it would not be a problem for...
  2. Justin_Paplus

    Swimming ?

    You got a really nice water ingame and I was wondering if it will be possible in the final game, to swim to cross rivers, or reach an island in a middle of a lake for example.Using the same idea will there be manoeuvrable boats to pass through flooded areas or lakes ?
  3. Justin_Paplus

    Anyone Playing Chivalry: medieval Warfare here ?
  4. Justin_Paplus

    So did you guy find a good animator ?

    Was wondering, but its maybe too soon ;) Why not use 2 kinects for motion capture :rolleyes: ?
  5. Justin_Paplus

    circling around foes

    I d like to be able to lock the enemies and be able to switch from one to another , that way you would always face your enemy and make circles around him when fighting him. It worked great on blade of Darkness


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