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  1. Ruusunpuna

    Question about jousting

    Hey, I'm working on a mini gameproject in Unity. It's supposed to be a little jousting game. I thought of a game mechanic where you would try to move your shield to deflect the opponents lance. But I'm a bit uncertain on how jousting really works. In videos I've seen the knights either have a...
  2. Ruusunpuna

    Worlds Adrift - Sandbox MMO with physics

    Hello friends of physics and MEANING in games! I stumbled upon this in-development game called Worlds Adrift. Seems extremely cool to me. I think many here will appreciate it as well. You fly with airships across air-islands in a persistent world with everything physics-based! Check it out and...
  3. Ruusunpuna

    Real life whip-swords

    Just saw these glitchy whip-like swords! Pretty cool, thought I would share! They're called "Urumi". Edit. Searched the forums now afterwards ;), these have already been showcased in "the armoury"...


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