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  1. Jackm108

    Unknown Sword

    So I found a sword in the back of the armoury on level 3, it seems to be unique in design as it doesn't have a thrusting point and it's description is odd. It says the weapons balance shifts as it's swung, and that this feels strange but could be used to great effect. What does this mean? Is...
  2. Jackm108

    A small suggestion about leveling

    Could we have some sort of indicator that tells us when we've mastered a skill? I know it seems like quite a small problem, but I often forget to check to see if I can start learning a new one. Nothing big like the golden beam of light and fanfare you get in WoW, just some small indicator down...
  3. Jackm108

    A question about Necromancy

    So in a lot of RPG's a common theme is that Necromancy is a dark branch of magic, but I'm starting to believe that it's not inherently evil in SG/Exanima. For example, in D&D 5e it specifically states that if left without instructions, reanimated corpses are driven to kill any living thing by...
  4. Jackm108

    I can't be the only one...

    Please tell me I'm not the only one with nearly 50 hours on Exanima and still struggling to make it to the portal? I've tried countless times but I've never actually seen the portal with my own eyes. Is anyone else as bad as me or am I the ruling reagent of Exanima scrubs?
  5. Jackm108

    Coming back after a long break

    So I've not played Exanima nor have I been on the forums for near 6 months now, and jumped into it again today. Wow, so much has changed. I love the new arena (or did after I figured out how it worked) and the thrusting attacks. One thing that I did find odd is theres been a couple instances in...
  6. Jackm108

    Shield and Bucket bug

    My friend found a rather interesting bug in the current build, don't know if it's common or not but either way you might want to look at it.
  7. Jackm108

    Day night cycle?

    As the title says, has a day night cycle been discussed? If it is going to be included, what about mechanics like torches and lanterns running out of fuel etc? *EDIT* as Exanima takes place in the underworld I don't expect a day night cycle there, this question is about SG
  8. Jackm108

    Initial impressions and some suggestions

    So I bought this game after watching Skallagrim's youtube video on it, and I'm so happy with the purchase. This combat system is almost completely unique, the only game I've seen that uses a similar physics system is Gang Beasts, which is vastly inferior to Exanima. I'm not going to spend too...
  9. Jackm108


    So I've noticed there are a few users who have 'insider' status, and there's a private insider forum. How does one achieve insider status? Activity on forums, or do you apply like a closed beta thing?
  10. Jackm108

    Time on the next update

    So I picked up this game today after watching Skall's video on it, loving it so far but I noticed something off putting, that being heavy delays on content patches. On the Steam forums Baremettle said the update 5.4/6.0 should be out 2 weeks from the 25th, that was almost two weeks ago. Are...


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