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  1. El Maco

    What's taking so long?

    The best source of information these days is the BM discord. (Discord even has a web client so you don't have to install anything to visit if you're so inclined.) The latest word about the patch is that the AI -- while not feature complete -- is in a working state and heading out to beta...
  2. El Maco

    What's taking so long?

    Negative attitude is a choice, and not a healthy one I might add. The team is working as fast as they possibly can to bring the new content to us. I'm sure nobody wants progress to be made more than Bare Mettle themselves. I think that's what matters. They are not focusing on PR or marketing at...
  3. El Maco

    What's taking so long?

    People would come to that place to let the steam out, so we could simply call it the "Steam" forum. Oh wait.
  4. El Maco

    How can I make the game look like this?

    Now I'm confused as well.
  5. El Maco

    How can I make the game look like this?

    Did you look at those screenshots though? It seems that Sir only has diffuse texture layer and even that looks kinda low res. Which graphics card are you using @T-51F? Are Exanima's graphics quality settings maxed out?
  6. El Maco

    Can the physics engine of exanima be applied to other types of games?

    Yes, all the technology is original work by Bare Mettle (mostly Madoc I guess). In theory we could have other games utilizing it (e.g. a survival/horror kind of game would be pretty intense! I mean imagine improvising physics-based traps, barricading doors etc when something horrible is hunting...
  7. El Maco

    How can I force the game to save whenever I want?

    Dark Souls 3 might be my favorite game of all time. However, that doesn't mean it has the best combat system ever conceived. From software did a good job in optimizing the number of parameters it takes to build a system that is both skill based and accessible at the same time. But still most of...
  8. El Maco

    How can I force the game to save whenever I want?

    Ah, good point. I've been playing games since the 80's and permadeath used to be the norm back then. I guess I meant games that have been released within the last decade or so.
  9. El Maco

    How can I force the game to save whenever I want?

    The only way to have real consequences for your actions -- stupid or otherwise -- is not to let you travel back in time every time you feel like it. In my opinion this is how every game should be like. Save-at-will is an exploit built-in the game by the devs, and its silly. I've said it a...
  10. El Maco

    Most frustrating experience I've ever had in 20 years of gaming lol

    What @Angeleyes said. However, I don't think anybody should worry about Bare Mettle compromising their vision and making the game more accessible (e.g. by sacrificing gameplay elements for the sake of higher chance of appealing to a wider customer base). Its just not going to happen.
  11. El Maco

    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    I wonder what you mean with "direction of this title". Are you not happy with some design choice they took or just generally frustrated at the long wait thats still ahead of us before we can play Sui Generis? I backed SG from this site after the Kickstarter ended. For the small price I already...
  12. El Maco

    Map random

    Madoc has posted at least 2-3 comments about procedural dungeons on the Steam forum. I know I have seen a better quote than the one I linked, but the man has written a novel over there and I got bored trying to find the better one...
  13. El Maco

    Need more media!

    Its a punishment for us for getting too greedy with our needs! We asked more and they are teaching us to be happy with what we got. Seriously, though, its just an issue with their CDN provider. Should be fixed soon. Hmm apparently not.
  14. El Maco

    Map random

    I'm pretty sure we could -- theoretically -- have template rooms with relocatable/optional features in them (including crate piles). We could also rearrange the rooms and corridors without the result getting too illogical or artificial. However, since Madoc is clearly not supporting the idea...
  15. El Maco

    Kickstarter Update & Sui Generis

    As far as I know, the plan hasn't changed. They will finish Exanima first and then move focus to completing Sui Generis. The next imminent update to Exanima will be a minor one, but the one after that should be rather significant. Soon we should be able to meet other NPCs and have meaningful...
  16. El Maco

    Map random

    I doubt we will ever see randomly generated maps in Exanima (or even Sui Generis). See here, for example. I know I have seen a more definitive answer from Madoc where he states that he doesn't particularly like procedurally generated maps, and then there's the technical challenges to overcome on...
  17. El Maco

    Anyone Else Having a Problem with the Term "VR?"

    Personally I don't have any problem with the term "VR". A quote from Engadget's Vive review: "When everything is working well, the Vive is the most convincing argument yet that virtual reality isn't just hype and wishful thinking. It manages to convincingly place you in the centers of virtual...
  18. El Maco

    Sky, sun, stars...

    I kinda doubt it. You may take a look at @Faelivrin's ultimate sky appreciation threadᵀᴹ for more discussion.
  19. El Maco

    Release Date?

    Nobody really knows, not even Bare Mettle themselves. Personally I'd expect Exanima to be more or less feature complete by the end of this year. On the other hand, the scope of Sui Generis is so massive that I'm not even going to guess how long it will take until thats finished. Like everybody...
  20. El Maco

    Profile pictures Thread

    My avatar was blatantly stolen from a great MsPaint artist (think of Andy Warhol of our age) and used totally without his permission. It also acts as a reminder that - one day - the first Sui Generis Alpha Build will see the light of day outside of Bare Mettle's private dungeons. And what a day...


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