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    Sad update...

    If two zombies scare you I got bad news for you.... You should be able to take on 2-3 "zombies" without taking any damage at all...they're such simple minded enemies that are easily tricked. And like others said more smart enemies are added to the game...they WILL do stuff to you...
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    Was level 1 made a lot easier or am I just lucky this time around?

    My first real character made it all the way down to level 4 "no problem"...but her gear was just "okay" when I had made it there...and level 1 and 2 were the most painful. But now that I decided to try doing the journey again...madness. I'm not even 100% done on level 1 yet...but I already...
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    Utilizing the Journal

    You should get an option to automatically add all books/scrolls you read to your "journal". Let's face it...almost no one is gonna use a journal that has to be filled manually. But if there's actual stuff going on in there....maybe it will find some uses.
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    Light armor should have more viability.

    Currently if you just skill the anti-encumbrance armor perk...there's no reason not to wear even the heaviest sets of armor. But I feel like this should change to give all armor types and combos some viability. Here are some ideas of mine: Going all cloth on all layers: - Will not need to...
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    Performance killer seems to be lighting, not physics.

    No matter how much I try to stir up the barely has an impact now (good optimization on that end)...but whenever there are multiple (especially flickering) light sources in a room...the performance seems to take a dump. Will this receive some proper additional optimizations or is...
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    What kind of stealth system would you like to see?

    Disguises (look like the enemy) Crouching/remaining out of line of sight Noise. So basically against humans you should be able to wear gear of their faction...and as long as you are not moving suspiciously or come too close (they might know one another) you should be fine. The other would be...
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    I hope they put some cool looking NPC there soon. I mean yea, this release was all about the functionality of the system...but it's time we finally got to have some nice and unique NPCs in the game. ^^;
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    Arena: Filthy Rich?!

    I keep on losing all my cash because I'm trying to become the strongest naked boxer...I guess they are getting angry at me for having to look at my...euhm...luxurious...yes...luxurious body.
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Some moar stuff: Arena idea - Gear Prizes: Add fights for legendary items as reward instead of just cash. An Elimination/Tournament challenge with the winner getting an item of high quality...and on master level challenges possibly even artifacts. For example on low levels it could be an...
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    The only thing I'm scared about is that they make magic and ranged combat too fancy and too OP. As long as it's not an "iWin" button...I'm totally fine with low profile magic like the occasional force wave or mental tricks. I just want it to come at a very clear cost. Like spells literally...
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    Pugilist's Gloves

    Pugli gloves OP, pls nerf. They look like oven-mittens.... That alone makes them OP.
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    Feedback : 0.6.1

    If you need "easy" cash...just do master level Pugilism. Nothing much to lose either since fists don't do lethal damage.
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I would really like to see a kick/break free move. In Arena AND Dungeon Crawl it often happens that you just hug one another...that the characters have absolutely no way of dealing with that is just weird. Now if were were able to just hit some button and do a straight kick to the front to...
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    [lvl 4 spoiler] as a gamer ,one of the happiest moments of my life

    His corpse is still chilling directly infront of the entrance of lvl 4. Sir literally came at me when I had just entered lvl 4...which was scary as hell since this was my first character in 6.1 and the first character that went past lvl 1 as well. (and more or less my 3rd char overall, had been...
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    6.0.3 has very buggy savegames for me.

    After upgrading to 6.1 this issue has vanished for me. At some point my game DID freeze and I had to force reboot my PC since I couldn't exit the game no matter what. After the freeze a dead characte returned...but my global XP was still there. After this dead character dying again everything...
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    Feedback 0.6.1

    co-op/pvp is supposedly coming at some point. Armor damage...not a friend of that idea. Up to a certain point it's already hard enough to get gear. And especially with all the prefix stuff it would be a shame if you found an "exceptional" vest just to have it torn to pieces in 1-2...
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    [lvl 4 spoiler] as a gamer ,one of the happiest moments of my life

    Sir just came at me while I was still at the beginning of the level...I just bashed his head in with my sword...I don't see why people are in need of so many tricks etc. Like I see videos of getting him stuck or making him fall down places. When I wear my full plate armor he can't even deal...
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    6.0.3 has very buggy savegames for me.

    EDIT: Just saw that I'm on version 6.0.3 -> Gonna activate that beta button on steam and see if that changes things. So this problem started yesterday for some reason..not sure why. After properly exiting the game and going back into the game after a few hours of break a dead character had...
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    This game could really use a few "quickslots" for gear.

    2 is good. I just felt like 3 would've been the maximum amount that would've made sense in a realistic low-fantasy way. As long as I get to swap between torch and weapon/shield I am happy...because this whole messy inventory stuff is really not all that awesome :p
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    This game could really use a few "quickslots" for gear.

    Hey there guys, I recently picked up this game and I do like it so far(sank quite a few hours into already)...but I feel like the lack of an ability to switch out the items in your hand "on the go" really limits some things you can do. I'm not saying to freely let us swap through everything...


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