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  1. Azakan

    digital collection?

    Digital Collection Rewards: Alpha and beta access, 2 digital release copies, digital soundtrack, development video access, insider forum access.
  2. Azakan


    That would be your GFX cards fan going at 100%, it may be loud but it's not a problem. As to why the fan goes to 100% is more debatable. My does as well but I have a very silent computer so it's about 29dB while I play. (And yes 65 celcius on your GPU is entirely fine)
  3. Azakan


    EDIT: Don't mind me, hurr durr
  4. Azakan

    Combat and damage.

    The possibility of severing, say, an arm increases with the size of the rock monster hitting it.
  5. Azakan

    Damage system?

    Dang it, now I feel stupid (I DID look but I'm apparently blind). Thank you, that's precisely what I was looking for!
  6. Azakan

    Damage system?

    Before I plege away my month salary I'd like to know how damage will be managed. If it will be "sword makes 10 damage, human takes 30 before death", which I don't think is the case, this is nothing for me. Dream senario is kinda like how Dwarf fortress does it but with pysics, "sword is this...


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