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    Was level 1 made a lot easier or am I just lucky this time around?

    My first real character made it all the way down to level 4 "no problem"...but her gear was just "okay" when I had made it there...and level 1 and 2 were the most painful. But now that I decided to try doing the journey again...madness. I'm not even 100% done on level 1 yet...but I already...
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    Light armor should have more viability.

    Currently if you just skill the anti-encumbrance armor perk...there's no reason not to wear even the heaviest sets of armor. But I feel like this should change to give all armor types and combos some viability. Here are some ideas of mine: Going all cloth on all layers: - Will not need to...
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    Performance killer seems to be lighting, not physics.

    No matter how much I try to stir up the barely has an impact now (good optimization on that end)...but whenever there are multiple (especially flickering) light sources in a room...the performance seems to take a dump. Will this receive some proper additional optimizations or is...
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    6.0.3 has very buggy savegames for me.

    EDIT: Just saw that I'm on version 6.0.3 -> Gonna activate that beta button on steam and see if that changes things. So this problem started yesterday for some reason..not sure why. After properly exiting the game and going back into the game after a few hours of break a dead character had...
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    This game could really use a few "quickslots" for gear.

    Hey there guys, I recently picked up this game and I do like it so far(sank quite a few hours into already)...but I feel like the lack of an ability to switch out the items in your hand "on the go" really limits some things you can do. I'm not saying to freely let us swap through everything...


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