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  1. Saetheer

    Exanima Currency - Do we like it?

    Since my game is corrupt and my currency doesnt work the correct way, this post is irrelephant.. So, I've been spending some time with Exanimia now, and I've tried to pay attention to the currency. After managing to get my first silver-coin, I noticed it went from copper til silver around, 250...
  2. Saetheer

    [Suggestion]: AI settlement fear

    I've been thinking on something. After getting (maybe?) half way through level 3, I've noticed that some AI starts to run when they see me (after been in combat with them earlier). This made me think of something, as since this is an RPG after all. Basically, I want this game to be the game I...
  3. Saetheer

    [0.6.1]: Equipment comparisment

    Hey. Finally I've found time to start playing games again, and that means I've started to master the combat system which means looting, scavenging is not so hard. I tried searching for this, but dont know why I'm turning up empty since I recall seeing this before? However, there is one thing...
  4. Saetheer


    Before anyone say or asks anything on this subject. Yes you will get your hands om The alpha. If your pledged enough. Yes you will have a beta NO!!! Noone knows when. Join The unofficial irc chat, we can speculate there. Se the general section og the forum. I am just tierd of people nagging...
  5. Saetheer

    IRC chat

    post edited DISCORD - Free voice and text Hey! We tried this a while back, but I decided to try bring this back into life again. Dont know if this community is actively large enough to have people hanging around making this a success. However, its a great place for devs to drop by and receive...


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