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  1. Knave


    What can I say? It's perfect. It's also very fast. It feels like we went from dark souls speeds to fencing mode. Which is awesome. You're doing a great job with this game. Keep it up!
  2. Knave

    Diary of a dead man and Signs.

    Jokes aside, that would STILL be surprisingly realistic. Behold: Some of the jewels in there are: "II.7 (gladiator barracks); 8767: Floronius, privileged soldier of the 7th legion, was here. The women did not know of his...
  3. Knave

    Barbarian mode?

    As a fan of Korgoth of Barbaria I made a little-to-no-armor run. Up until the portal it was fairly easy, as the enemies were not much of a challenge. Once you get to the armored skeletons and the hugmaster, though it gets INCREDIBLY hard. I found myself playing as if it was a 1hp run. Doable but...
  4. Knave

    Im super stuck, literally...

    All I can advice is keep floundering like a fish until something works. I was fighting two opponents when suddenly I fell backwards onto a reversed bench and my butt got stuck. It was kind of funny because I spent quite some time trying to get out while the two guys were trying to whack my...
  5. Knave

    Diary of a dead man and Signs.

    At worst, finding YOUR previous character's skeleton and diary diablo style would be ok. At least if your immersion breaks there it will be your fault. For the online mode part you're right, sadly
  6. Knave

    Diary of a dead man and Signs.

    For the diary, maybe. For the signs Dark Souls also pretty much fixed this issue by having several sentences you can say and you can't. "Amazing chest ahead" was the only sentence that managed to break immersion. It was fun, though.
  7. Knave

    Diary of a dead man and Signs.

    Something I liked about Dark Souls is the sign system. Leaving traces of "I was here" or hints to guide or misguide the player as he advanced. So that gave me some ideas. 1- The first suggestion I have is for the player to drop their diary on death so you (or some other character, if the Dark...
  8. Knave

    Falling around

    As always, those suggestions are just crazy ideas. I'm aware some of them may be too hard to implement. 1- I've noticed how every single time your character (or any other) falls they show a fairly poor display of reflexes. They don't even try to protect their head at all! It's not that every...
  9. Knave

    Some ideas for a save for permadeath

    Seems like we would take save-whoring to a whole new level.
  10. Knave

    Exanima 0.6.3 (public beta)

    Holy fast-pacing, Batman! Battles suddenly seem short but much more intense and realistic. Fighters actually seem to know what they're doing and they hit harder than ever. Really good job with this one.
  11. Knave

    Sheathing Interaction Mechanics?

    There's this fun Oblivion mod which makes guards follow you around when your weapon is unsheathed and which also makes NPCs get progressively angrier the more you swing a sword near them while they are not in combat. For more fun, add stealth penalties for unsheathed weapons, or enemies that...
  12. Knave

    Great game, humble suggestions after finishing

    Enemies blocking doors is something I like. It's actually fun to need to push the door until you manage to squeeze yourself through it and strike with great vengeance.
  13. Knave

    What are you playing?

    Some good old Warcraft 3. I. Hate. Sylvanas.
  14. Knave

    Wounds, limps, and complete limb disablement

    Losing body parts when you fail is fun. Look at severance: blade of darkness. When two saws appear on the walls and cut you in a half you know the game is telling you to get better.
  15. Knave

    Camera is too far back

    Suggestion here: Why not implement transparent walls when they're in the way of the player? Diablo 1 and 2 did it to some extent. That said, it's not the same type of camera since it moves and rotates.
  16. Knave

    So on the subject of voice acting... This is one of them. Perhaps it was a combination of mods but I recall reading that random adventurers would take quests as well and try to finish them before you did.
  17. Knave

    Camera is too far back

    I'd love more zoom too. Not just because would make camera better on some situations, but because this game has amazing equipment and I love vanity so much.
  18. Knave

    So on the subject of voice acting...

    I'd love some dwarf fortress dialogue generation, but it's really hard to implement and sometimes, this happens: No, but seriously, something like that, to a lesser extent, can make every quest a different one. Now you mentioned Skyrim there is a mod that adds a lot of charm to it: it...
  19. Knave

    So on the subject of voice acting...

    Not sure I can explain how this makes me feel. This will be enough, I guess:
  20. Knave

    Just noticed some new implementation

    No witnessese surviving= no crime.


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