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  1. Nynuc

    Footwork Tips and tricks

  2. Nynuc

    Revised advanced combat tutorial.

    A few months ago I made an advanced guide that was rather rushed. I think I've improved it quite some bit. Hopefully this helps people that have plateaued.
  3. Nynuc

    Sui Generis crime and punishment.

    Will there be prisons in SG? Can you steal things, and rob stores? How will guards react when you kill someone?
  4. Nynuc

    Merry xmas SG fourms

    Merry xmas =)
  5. Nynuc

    Merry xmas SG fourms

    Merry xmas =)
  6. Nynuc

    Ultra street fighter 4

    Does anyone still play? I try playing online, but I only ever get people with 1 bar of connection that just absolutely wreck my shit.
  7. Nynuc

    [Video] Useful attacks, Footwork, and how to fight shields

    Just thought I'd make a video for everyone who thinks this game is 'random'. There's some good techniques here that might help you out.
  8. Nynuc

    May have found a game to ease the pain

    Just saw this on /v/. Idk what it's like but the trailer looks great. Apparently it comes out in 3 weeks. It won't let me embed this video for some strange reason, but it's really worth the watch.
  9. Nynuc

    Exanima dungeon tutorial

    If you need a quick guide on how not to die.
  10. Nynuc

    One handed sword speed.

    I feel like it's way too slow. Two handed swords are pretty accurate in how fast they are. They're pretty much just as fast as one handed swords. I feel like every time I die in the arena, it's to the long sword guy. Only because he swings just as fast and has way more reach. I remember Madoc...
  11. Nynuc

    Can't Dl of the website anymore

    for some reason every time i go into my account to download the game, it just loads forever and a download button never pops up.
  12. Nynuc

    Some awesome duels

  13. Nynuc

    Serious discussion about shields.

    Hello, I want to discuss how shields could be improved. At the moment I feel they are overpowered for a few reasons, But this is the big one. I feel like I've gotten very good at this game over the past year, and I know how the game works in a nutshell, and the quirks of fighting. The thing that...
  14. Nynuc

    More duelin

    Thought you guys might enjoy another dueling video I put together.
  15. Nynuc

    OH sword vs mace guy

    Pretty tense little battle I captured.
  16. Nynuc

    What kind of stealth system would you like to see?

    In games, I usually go for the stealth approach. I think hiding behind crates, and being able to duck down and sneak would be an awesome implementation. Especially for those who cannot get the hang of the combat system, it might be in their best interests to master the stealth game. Things that...
  17. Nynuc

    Basic combat tutorial

  18. Nynuc

    Worth a read

    I laughed pretty hard
  19. Nynuc

    Any JKA players out there?

    Hands down best dueling game on the market, If you haven't tried it, I recommend getting a buddy, and asking one of the vets to teach you a few things, It's worth it to learn, It's so much fun. Here's a vid I made awhile back
  20. Nynuc

    Death is so final, But life has so many possibilities!

    Hello, I was just wondering if Npcs in the game will instantly try and kill you if you enter a physical conflict, Or will there be other things that could happen, Like being captured or left for dead? I noticed in all games it seems like there's never a point where the enemy really yields or...


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