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  1. Pengman19

    This game could use a community manager

    I personally think this game needs more media content online, and more frequent information to generate (and maintain) interest in fans (specifically acquiring new fans). I think it would be great if this game had a community manager that did the following: 1) Obviously active on the forums...
  2. Pengman19

    Environment Interaction - sitting on chairs/benches, lying on beds, destructible objects

    I know some of these points have been made in the past, and by past I mean 3-4 years ago. Was curious if any advances have been made in any of these areas. I personally would like the ability to sit on a chair/bench. It serves no "purpose", except world immersion. Which, IMO, is very...
  3. Pengman19

    Wounds, limps, and complete limb disablement

    Is there anything in the road-map to implement: bleeding wounds (meaning, you have X amount of time to tend to the wound via bandages, etc., or you will eventually bleed to death) limps, where if I strike an opponent in the knee (maybe not once, unless it's a powerful strike, but two or three...
  4. Pengman19

    Release Date?

    I did about 10 minutes of searching, but cannot find a clear guesstimation of when the final game ought to be released. Was hoping someone (devs, mods?!) can supply a good guess when they feel the final product will be complete and available. Thanks!
  5. Pengman19


    So, I admittedly only did 5 minutes of searching, and I'm new to the forums (yeah, I'm that guy, I'm sorry, I'm very busy pretending to work right now ;) )... I purchased Exanima on Steam and I absolutely love it. My question is about Sui Generis; from what I've read, it sounds like there is...


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