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    The new arena maps don't render correctly for me. I get a black abyss with a few clumps of grass sprinkled around. What's worse is that if I hit escape to forfeit the game crashes.
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    About the parry mechanic:

    This shows more of a limitation with the physics than with shields. The fact that the guy with the armor on wasn't pushing you to the floor with your wildly flailing shield arm is the real problem. A shield that large getting swung around like that is going to put the person completely off...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Ramming and tying an opponent up are already technically possible with the physics engine. Ramming isn't very effective, mostly because of how moving in combat works. And all you have to do to tie an opponent up is to step inside of their swing. I would like to see an ability that, when you have...
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    Unarmed Fighting (and thoughts there of)

    I've put some thought into a layout for unarmed combat; While defending, have your character attempt to block with their arms, making gauntlets, bracers, and spaulders extremely valuable. Have the left and right mouse buttons control the left and right fists, a quick click results in a jab and...


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