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  1. Abuzezibitzu

    Hey, I am patient and I understand what that game is going thru but I would love some intel form devs or insiders.

    Thx for that, I just stoped scouering forums for that kind of info like 3 years ago, I will keep an eye on that. Is multiplayer still planed for low latency connections? If soo what kind of Ping should I expect to be able to pla the game with my mate(ofc if there is any information on that).
  2. Abuzezibitzu

    Hey, I am patient and I understand what that game is going thru but I would love some intel form devs or insiders.

    I played over 140h of Exanima and I loved all of it. I have no problems with long dev cycle but I would love If anyone could share some info on game development cycle . I can wait next 2 years or soo and I am just intrested where we are on that line.
  3. Abuzezibitzu

    Anyone mind explaining this?

    i cant wait for full game... some years to come....
  4. Abuzezibitzu

    Purple maddnes(full game reinstal fixed problem)

    Well everything looks more or less the samem got it after update. Will try to help if more info needed.
  5. Abuzezibitzu

    Purple maddnes(full game reinstal fixed problem)
  6. Abuzezibitzu

    What's taking so long?

    over a year with no content gg at that point it is dead from player pov
  7. Abuzezibitzu

    so whats new? In that pach?
  8. Abuzezibitzu


  9. Abuzezibitzu

    Zombis are just kindergarden "Sir, then golems then..." that fukin version of that alien bot from Day when erth stood still! Dam they must have some multiverse hyper jump drives. Nah he canbe be hostile, who would want to fight that **bep bep bep bzzzzz** ow fu... ran run how it can be that fast aaaaaa...." I killed it... if that can be...
  10. Abuzezibitzu

    Three ribbon door!

    there is small room nearby too, just lock him in
  11. Abuzezibitzu


    sorry mistake on my side, yeah I noticed less batteries too
  12. Abuzezibitzu

    Three ribbon door!

    cant be bother to draw another map in my notepad, does anyone know of any(even old) map of lvl 5? and where is god dam mace
  13. Abuzezibitzu


    Well cos you dont find them there..... at last from my knowlage, and where you try to socet it? I cant find mace.
  14. Abuzezibitzu


    Can someone tell me more about that? Really really pls.
  15. Abuzezibitzu


    I cant find mace anymore, I got my ass handled by guardian like 3 times in the row, he almost 1 shotted me in last attempt but I managed to close him in one area(accident I was running for my life). I there any lvl 5 map?
  16. Abuzezibitzu


    Kiled them and lost save..... sad me sad, Tho now I will kill them all.
  17. Abuzezibitzu

    Lost whole progres past portal after I quit the game.

    After I used swich to turn off electrick barier my game slowed down to something like bullet time mode, It helped my kill 2 enemies but after restarted my game to get rid of that slow mode I lost all my proges. Sadly I do not have any crasch error measage
  18. Abuzezibitzu

    Is there any lvl 5 checkpoint?

    Glad to hear, That concept seams to sound fun and It meakes sens with knockout system.
  19. Abuzezibitzu

    My friend just finished practice arena modes in less than 1h, In his 1st h in the game ever.

    I think that footwork improvments helped a lot ,also I really like to know how fast peoples adapt to that game nowdays.
  20. Abuzezibitzu

    Is there any lvl 5 checkpoint?

    There will be more, I am sure of that, magick will flip things around for sure but problem remains, 10 levels of gameplay will be exposed to bugs that east your sawes. It is not like I am agains that but It will be very frustrating and It will be pointed out as one of the bigest contrarguments...


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