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    Level 4 double door in level 5

    Minor bug that I encountered in my most recent play through. I can't remember exactly where it was located, but after opening it I fought an undead knight who was carrying a 2 ribbon token near a 2 ribbon door which led to the 3 ribbon door.
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    Character performing vertical swings when I'm not clicking twice

    First off, there is nothing wrong with my mouse, it's only a month old and I've tried to see if something is wrong with the left click, and not once has it double clicked from only 1 click. I've tried to recreate what happens to me in the middle of almost every fight where I try to do a normal...
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    Shields in the Arena

    Simple question: Why do shields in the arena mode require so many points to use?
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    Extra Torches pls

    On my most recent play through, I put my torch in my strongbox, knowing I didn't need it for the time being since the room I was in was pretty well lit. Once I was done slaughtering zombies in said room, I clicked on my strongbox to get the torch out since the room that I was going to enter was...
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    A Small Gripe of Mine

    So I just bought this game yesterday, and it was awesome. I played in the novice arena for about 5 hours straight (getting my ass handed to me by the overweight guy in pink with the mace half the time) and had lots of fun, I finally managed to take out that two handed sword dude by the end of my...


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