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  1. Ganthor

    Revelation skill mechanics

    Revelation does nothing as of now. There are a number of magic skills that are useless at this point in the development of the magic system. It's supposed to grant you extra XP in some fashion but hasn't been totally worked out yet. You gain XP by: Dealing damage Taking damage Exploring new...
  2. Ganthor

    Coffee Diary 11/10/21

    I would love to see some examples of the company theme armor generation
  3. Ganthor

    Coffee Diary 30/8/21

    I feel like this would make sense if they made villager the starting class and made unknown something you unlock by reaching the portal or something. I do agree Unknown having both thaum and Derrin is maybe OP
  4. Ganthor

    Coffee Diary 30/8/21

    Proctor is already OP, it's a balancing mechanic
  5. Ganthor

    Coffee Diary 19/7/21

    the TL;DR is there are a bunch of individual assets a weapon can use, so like 50 or however many different grips for swords and 50 different pommels and cross guards and blades, and also a bunch of modifiers like condition and initial quality, so that the swords and other weapons you find in...
  6. Ganthor

    Coffee Diary 19/7/21

    In about two weeks. /sarcasm For real tho it's a dev team of 4, it's done at whatever pace they're able to get it done in. Any estimates today would be total shots in the dark because so much can change between now and the release of the full game. There are probably a ton of features they...
  7. Ganthor

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    At this point I kinda want them to make the swords wider and thicker just to piss off that weirdo
  8. Ganthor

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    On the subject of getting a better view of your character/gear, you should free up the camera more, I would love to get a lower angle and zoom in more. It could be useful for certain combat scenarios and it would be very aesthetically pleasing to be able to get in nice and low to see all my...
  9. Ganthor

    Coffee Diary - Monthly Special 01/04/21

    I really hope this isn't an april 1st prank, I would love to see sir get scarier, he is very easy to dodge and even easier to dispatch of with the trap
  10. Ganthor

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    I love the idea of the camera dynamically zooming in on your person, I agree that I would love to see more of the models up close and personal. Even with a 27" 1440p monitor a lot of detail is just too small to appreciate. Love the work you're doing and I'm so excited to see how proc. weapons...
  11. Ganthor

    Market is closed due to the pandemic?

    gotta equip a bevor first, masks are mandatory
  12. Ganthor

    HELLO, WHAT happened to THE SOCKET?!

    If you're playing with the beta branch, they've removed a number of items/features because of compatibility issues. They'll get added back in when they've patched them
  13. Ganthor

    Exanima Beta

    Only procedural armor/clothing are in the game, proc. weapons aren't in the beta branch yet
  14. Ganthor

    Will it ever be complete?

    I see a lot of complaining about lame shit in this thread. The first level of Exanima alone is worth the $15. Figuring out how to navigate the level, deal with the zombies, and not get hit was some of the most fun I've had in any game. The physics combat is endlessly satisfying, hundreds of...
  15. Ganthor

    Most Interesting and/or Embarassing Deaths?

    I'm constantly wasting max level characters trying to do the bridge puzzle in the Marketplace lol. Once I've cleared out the Market (which is always the last level I do), I figure it's time I try the puzzle for the level and then I almost always die because my character doesn't know how to...
  16. Ganthor

    Why so little communication?

    There isn't a ton of public marketing for Exanima because it's not the full game. Exanima is a tech demo that's still in beta. Of course the BM team wants Exanima to do well, but they're focusing their time and energy on creating a product ready for market instead of trying to prepare the...
  17. Ganthor

    Coffee Diary 9/11/20

    Will there be any level/story content with the renderer update or will it just be procedural materials and the renderer?
  18. Ganthor

    Burnt offering

    This is my contribution to this conversation
  19. Ganthor

    Feature Suggestion: Praise/Chastise Derrin

    I just want to be able to tell Derrin he's a dumbass right as I'm about to be killed by fael and he's swinging at air
  20. Ganthor

    Feature Suggestion: Praise/Chastise Derrin

    I would love to be able to praise or chastise Derrin in game even if it didn't really have any effect and just played a set dialog, but I think it would also be cool if praising Derrin had a minor "calm" effect to help alleviate anxiety/yellow mindset. Chastising him could make him more anxious...


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