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  1. Knave

    Barbarian mode?

    As a fan of Korgoth of Barbaria I made a little-to-no-armor run. Up until the portal it was fairly easy, as the enemies were not much of a challenge. Once you get to the armored skeletons and the hugmaster, though it gets INCREDIBLY hard. I found myself playing as if it was a 1hp run. Doable but...
  2. Knave

    Diary of a dead man and Signs.

    Something I liked about Dark Souls is the sign system. Leaving traces of "I was here" or hints to guide or misguide the player as he advanced. So that gave me some ideas. 1- The first suggestion I have is for the player to drop their diary on death so you (or some other character, if the Dark...
  3. Knave

    Falling around

    As always, those suggestions are just crazy ideas. I'm aware some of them may be too hard to implement. 1- I've noticed how every single time your character (or any other) falls they show a fairly poor display of reflexes. They don't even try to protect their head at all! It's not that every...
  4. Knave

    Sit down and write.

    I have 3 ideas that kind of work together. 1: The ability to sit down on a chair. 2: When writing a journal, the character would pull out a paper and play a writing animation. This would play when standing, but would also work fine when sitting. 3: Change of the journal font for something...


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