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    Forums lagging when im logged.

    Just that. Really slow, like if my account was limited in conection. Posting requires many clicks, opening a new page it stop loading etc. When i am not logged it justs works normally, i have no problems in others games, forums, pages etc. For more details when it started pm me.
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    You know you played too much exanima when...

    you know every corner of the map. When you land a perfect overhead blow in the dark hearing your enemy footsteeps ;u
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    Coloured armors!!!

    They are really cool!
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    Better handle and control...

    when you have a muscled character. It looks silly that a very skinny and tiny character can handle a big mace better than a tall and muscular one... it makes absolutly no sense. The stronger character should be the one handling it quickly and with major control. I just created the skinniest and...
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    Two handed sword without point.

    Will be it repairable??? It seems like an interesting weapon. Maybe some magic atribute or something like that when its repaired.
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    My pants disappeared!!

    WTF They are ugly but exceptional, please... So this happened: went to the market to check whats new. See exceptional gambeson, and trade it for mine + currency. Get out of the shop and i see my character pantless. I cant believe i just lost those exceptional pants :/ ps: well, i think this...
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    Sad update...

    Now when all the yellow bar is smoked you just get knock down instead of death, making your character invincible. This game could take a good turn, could be more challenging and funny. But its practically like a god mode for kids. Really sad, im so pissed.
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    Finally killed sir!! :o

    Cheating with the portal ;p He took me half life, run into the portal, back and killed it.
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    Game modes ideas.

    I didnt find any thread in feedback, so i created one. Post your game mode ideas. Here is mine: no armor mode. Any weapon is valid, and maybe pants? So when devs add gore the butchery will be really enjoyable. Tired of doing amazing hits to your enemies neck and their heads are not flying...
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    Am i the only one...

    thinking that shields are a big waste??? Even using the 1hand weapon alone is much better, at least i feel it that way. Or maybe i am too 2hands weapon fan...
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    6.1.9e ???

    Did it get patched? It destroyed my arena character "unknown application error", and i deleted it accidentally pressing the ok button when i tried to load it creating another character :S
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    Gpu overheat.

    Yeah, ive got a zotac gtx 650 ti boost and it reached 76°. Never seen that number not even stressing it with furmark o_o I visited this page and it says that max temp is 97°. But it doesnt specify if zotac...
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    Two sugestions after playing without sleep...

    One is, and it should be added no matter how: random map. Everytime you create a new character, the map will morph. That will prevent it to get boring after playing it a few times. Not knowing what awaits you makes every game funnier. This sugestion should be heavily considered. The other one...
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    A few questions...

    Do muscles affect damage??? or is just for your character look dumb? How do i use two handed weapons if everything is dark??? How do i thrust??? This game is what i been waiting!! Having so much fun with the dificult.


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