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    Some advice

    yeah about the P90s but I play a lot from like Beatles shit to Zep to Who so, I need some versatile shit, with PAFs plus coil taps, plus phase switch, plus maybe series-parallel, this things gonna ROCK Then again, maybe Ill have a P90 bucker sized in the neck and a PAF in the bridge? Who...
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    Boxing entrance song.

    If you had to choose just one song in the history of music to sum up how you feel about yourself, life, and the world in general, what would it be? Mine is Everybodys Fool, hands down.
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    Music Thread

    I put this hear. Hopefully I picked a good place. Given that this board was founded on the Gothic Metal sound of EV, I wanted to ask if that is most everyones favorite genre of music, and if so why, and if not, which one is and why. This is NOT for scientific research or anything, just...
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    Show me your desktop!

    I just like the sound of it "Cross up" Also, I plan on taking up the pseudonym "Goomy" as it is one of my favourite pokemon. There are also troll names I can use like "PMTonyAbbott" and "I'mNotARealN"


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