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  1. Tyrek

    [SPOILER] Weapon Sound Suggestion

    Make the volume of the special mace scale with swing speed, just like the torch. Would make it feel a lot more deadly and powerful.
  2. Tyrek

    Just found all of Zhuliks shenanigans

    During the last days I've found a few ways to modify Exanima. Allowing one to create some custom weapons and do some other fun stuff. Today I found Zhuliks youtube channel and realized I'm really just re-discovering these methods xD
  3. Tyrek

    Tyreks Mods

    Since Madoc said that they're probably okay with mods that change or add things I made a mod that changes all the blueish light orbs in the game into lanterns! If mods like this are okay and appreciated I'll probably make more. Screenshot Get the file here. Warning: I have performed very...
  4. Tyrek

    Master Thief Tyrek Escapes the Arena!

    After hundreds of battles and being beaten to the brink of death dozens of times he could take it no longer. He had to get out of this dark place. After working on the lock to the portcullis with makeshift lockpicks all night he stepped out into the morning light and ran for the city gates. See...
  5. Tyrek

    Successful Robbery of the Arena Store!

    After semi-accidentally discovering a way of getting into the arena store (and corrupting my save) I tried robbing the store in a less messy way. I might just have become the first robber/thief of Exanima! :D An (almost) empty store The loot!
  6. Tyrek

    So I Managed To Get Into The Arena Store

    I fiddled around in some Exanima files hoping to remove portcullis so that I could go outside and checkout the plants. That failed, but I got some other stuff to disappear xD Me inside the store. All the stuff is there and I can take it! :D EDIT: I managed to break into the store more cleanly...
  7. Tyrek

    Wearing full chainmail under full plate armor. Realistic? Ineffective?

    After reaching master rank in arena it struck me that I was wearing a FULL set of chainmail underneath my full plate armor... But does that even make sense? Has this ever been a thing in history? Would it even help? It feels like the plate would pretty much render the chainmail useless and make...
  8. Tyrek

    Robs Nice Bottle

    So I found this bottle in the office of the new arena. Upon examination it turned out to be quite a nice bottle. Possible easter egg? If I'm not mistaken there is a developer called Rob? Maybe these bottles are really common and I just haven't examined them before? x)
  9. Tyrek

    Master Rank Unreachable?

    It seems we don't have enough skills available yet to reach master rank? Been expert for a while now and see no signs of progress. Anyone reach master somehow?
  10. Tyrek

    Lower Framerate in the New Area + FIX

    So after passing through the portal I saw considerably lower framerates. Clearly something about the new areas visuals? [FIX] I found that turning down supersampling fixed this for me.
  11. Tyrek

    [SPOILERS] Our trusty companion

    So it just occured to me we will all probably carry this awesome item around the entire game...
  12. Tyrek

    Failed to read database object after dropping everything in inventory

    So I just completed a run of the game and decided to take a screenshot of all the stuff I had hoarded on the way (this was after the inventory bug which I just posted). But after exiting the game and loading up my save in the exact same spot I was met by an error message. I think it read...
  13. Tyrek

    Failed to load container item upon entering 3rd level

    After filling both my inventory and strongbox with a bunch of stuff during the first and second level I got an error when opening the strongbox and inventory after entering the third level. What's weird is that the error seemed to have spawned two plate helmets for me (one rusty and one nice)...
  14. Tyrek

    External force keeping you upright?

    I've noticed sometimes, like when turning sharply, that your character has a an almost unrealistic ability to stay upright. Sometimes it feels like characters are partly hanging from a string attatched to the ceiling. Like there is no muscle group that could keep them standing like that. So my...
  15. Tyrek

    First completed run experience [SPOILERS]

    So, after 25 hours playtime I beat the game for the first time. (22 hours practice, 3 hours to complete game) Great fun! Just thought I would create a thread where people can share their experience leading up to the completion of their first run (how they did it, what was hard/easy etc) as well...


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