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  1. MikeHBS

    Glove utility

    After playing for quite some time, I started to notice that gloves don't to anything other than look good? I mean like, I never received damage on my hands because the character always blocks, negating any damage that would do to the hands.
  2. MikeHBS

    Pugilist's Gloves

    Me and my friend were wandering around the arena and we found something very interesting And if you want to be spoiled, here is the location
  3. MikeHBS

    Challenge yields inferior amount of money?(0.6.1)

    So, I thought that the challenger would yield more money, since it's supposed to be a challenge? I took a picture to prove my pov. Compare the two matches on Aspirant, the duel has a prize of 10 copper and the fee is 2, while the challenger prize is 1 silver and the fee is 6. It's not even a...
  4. MikeHBS

    What's going on?

    It's been a lot of time since the last update and I couldn't find any info on the forums, is the game dead already? If it is, I'll never buy anything early access again, it's like the third early access game I buy and is abandoned. I really like supporting but, seeing as everything goes down, I...


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