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  1. PipesOfMadness

    Exanima story

    I've tried piecing together the scrolls you can find in the game. Here is what I came up with so-far. Don't read if you haven't tried following the story yet. Please share your notes or ideas if you have anything. Hopefully we can get a more clear picture of what is going on. I've written down...
  2. PipesOfMadness

    Board games

    You all play video games - but do you play board games? What kind of board games do you play or what is your favorite board game? One of my favorite games is Mage Knight! Deck building meets Heroes of Might and Magic. It's seriously amazing. You use cards to move around the map, attack...
  3. PipesOfMadness

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I've seen a lot of people push their personal suggestions and ideas into their posts for Sui Generis in the forums. I understand that many of us are excited about Sui Generis and would like to see it implement features we think would be really cool and game-improving. I wanted to make a thread...


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