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    Has me seriously spooked.
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    GURPS Fallout: Arizona (0/4 players)

    Foreword Over at the Fallout forum No Mutants Allowed, I attempted to start up this game. Unfortunately, traffic is slow on the roleplaying board so I decided to post here instead. I'll quote what I posted there: Introduction The GURPS system allows for a wide range of different...
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    What's this?

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    Anyone Else Having a Problem with the Term "VR?"

    The Vive is now available for sale, and Steam is shouting "VR is here!" However, I'm not impressed. From what I've seen from the Vive and it's competitors is a monitor with sensors that you strap to your head. (Also, the included motion controllers, etc) We've had this tech since before the Wii...
  5. Elaxter

    Any Tabletop RPG players?

    I'm running a game for my school friends using the GURPS system and I'm curious of how many people here are into the real RPGs. GURPS, FATE, D&D, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, any system really.
  6. Elaxter

    Just saw Zootopia...

    with a few of my friends. It was pretty fucking good! Solid movie, lovable characters, had a smile plastered on my face throughout most of the film. It was unfurgettable.
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    Will we ever have fancy titles?

    In the forum I mean. Like for members who've been here for a long time or post a lot or get a lot of likes. I would like a fancy title.
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    Extra Life Charity 24-Hour Stream

    So my friend is hosting a 24-hour stream to raise money for Extra Life in order to help his niece. You can find it here: and you can read about it here: I'm not good at...
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    So someone spoiled Halo 5 for me/ I Hate Spoilers

    Someone spoiled the major event in Halo 5 for me the other day an I'm salty. Anyone else REALLY hate spoilers? I'm glad I play this game, because chances are no one at my school as even heard of Sui Generis.
  10. Elaxter

    A New Type of Dodge

    Currently, there are two types of movements in combat: a step and a dash. Why not a stand-in-place dodge? It's not too far fetched. Kinda like a weave. I propose this new "weave" to be executed using a shift+WASD combo. An option could also be made for any style, be it hold to weave, double tap...
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    So How Can I Beat This?

    I've been playing for a month and I can't even pass the first level. Every time something tragic happens to my character. I get past the first locked door (the one that leads to the room with a bunch of chairs) and I clear the first room. But after that, all that can go wrong does: I trip, or I...
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    First Negative Review on Steam or Inb4 Negative Reviews Because Difficulty

    So I found this review on the page after seeing Exanima's perfect 100 go down to a 96. It's a great open up for this thread. It has two titles for a reason. People are going to review this game because it is hard. They feel as if their games should be easy in order for them to be good. I'm...
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    Your Greatest Save

    As in what maneuver you did to save your skin I just got done fighting an undead in the first level (he was guarding some gear) and I thought I was done for. I was going to give one last charge, so I dashed into him and didn't let go. He fell over and I bashed him up. I got the loot AND his belt.
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    Why this Game's Combat is Amazing

    So I've been playing Exanima for about a month and I can say it has been an amazing experience. I have been following this game since 2013 when I first heard of it on a forum I frequented. It's everything that I envisioned and more! The combat system is the best I have ever encountered; it's...
  15. Elaxter

    Aiming your attacks?

    Is there a way to aim your attacks at all? Like aiming up or down?
  16. Elaxter

    Kicking and the like

    I'm thinking that kicking/pushing should be added. It would add a layer to the already complex combat system. Something like 'Q.' Something ranged based. If you're chest-to-chest with the enemy, your character would give a little shove. If your a little farther away, you'll give a good kick...
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    How is it that I claim my donation?

    So I just donated for the beta tier and I'm wondering how I go about downloading the game? Will it come via email or do I have to ask?
  18. Elaxter

    Questions about Copies on Multiple Computers

    So my dad and I have been following this game for quite a while and we're eager to play it. Seeing as the game is DRM free, am I able to buy one copy and give my account to my dad so we can both have a copy? Similar to how GoG does their DRM-free service?


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