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  1. MikeHBS

    Damage Effects

    There's a bit of reaction to hard hits in game, like the character loses a bit of balance and small things like that.
  2. MikeHBS

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I was thinking about one handed sword thrust attacks, I think we need a different animation when thrusting from the left-to-right.
  3. MikeHBS

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Why aren't plate gloves and sabatons considered expert items?
  4. MikeHBS

    Glove utility

    After playing for quite some time, I started to notice that gloves don't to anything other than look good? I mean like, I never received damage on my hands because the character always blocks, negating any damage that would do to the hands.
  5. MikeHBS

    Barbarian mode?

    You naturally have more movement speed by not wearing armor tho
  6. MikeHBS

    Great game, humble suggestions after finishing

    I hardly trip on Campaign, most of the times I do it on purpose.
  7. MikeHBS

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Innefective? It saved me so many times and it's so damn useful. Sure, it might not be effective as a spear or something but it does quite the job
  8. MikeHBS

    MrMerk's Mods!

    I understand that it's limited, sorry for asking
  9. MikeHBS

    MrMerk's Mods!

    Can you make it so it screams with different voices? Like randomly screaming different kinds of screams
  10. MikeHBS

    Exanima next levels are here!!!!!!!!!

    Oh SyllaBear, you're one of the reasons I come to this forum more frequently.
  11. MikeHBS

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Don't know if people have commented about this or not but I think we should be able to have a torch on the off-hand while carrying a two-handed weapon while not in battle, since the character only uses one hand to carry it around. But when you enter combat mode, either drop the torch or put it...
  12. MikeHBS

    Orlack's complete(or lack thereof) guide to armour

    Just trying to help, there are leather shoes and suede shoes, no cloth shoes. Also, there are two types of leather shoes.
  13. MikeHBS

    Two handed sword without point.

    The 'point' of the sword is to be pointless
  14. MikeHBS

    Throwing ?

    If I remember correctly, when I was playing the old arena I once killed a guy in the middle of his swing and his weapon flew away from the arena
  15. MikeHBS

    Hireling's A.I. Questionable?

    I have a retarded hireling but I love seeing him getting beaten down or fighting by his side. He might be this stupid because I accidentally hit him really fucking hard on the back of the head on the start of a skirmish. Poor Olan, but his determination is contagious
  16. MikeHBS

    Some fun and realistic game mechanics that can me made

    1- I really like that idea, but I would suggest that instead of pure black on the things you can't see, be like on the game darkwood, so you'll know where an object/wall is so you won't bump on it 3- I want to see this in the game, specially the half-swording part
  17. MikeHBS

    Feedback : 0.6.1

    I think that the leveling and reward is pretty balanced, I even think that we level up too fast actually. Tho I have to agree that slashing weapons at the start is a mean joke
  18. MikeHBS

    Pugilist's Gloves

    I found the bottle too, but since I haven't seen anyone talking about the gloves, I thought it would be a good idea to post here, sorry if it's well known
  19. MikeHBS

    Pugilist's Gloves

    Me and my friend were wandering around the arena and we found something very interesting And if you want to be spoiled, here is the location
  20. MikeHBS

    Challenge yields inferior amount of money?(0.6.1)

    So, I thought that the challenger would yield more money, since it's supposed to be a challenge? I took a picture to prove my pov. Compare the two matches on Aspirant, the duel has a prize of 10 copper and the fee is 2, while the challenger prize is 1 silver and the fee is 6. It's not even a...


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