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  1. Bobob

    hey I want to install beta so I want to ask is insider only? If not where can I download it? thanks
  2. Bobob

    Gap closing in team fights

    I like the new match types in arena a lot, but one thing bothers me. When it's just me and a teammate fighting their last warrior, and he is focused on my ally, I feel like I should be able to just run up to him and smack him. But I have to clumsily chase him around and maybe get a hit depending...
  3. Bobob

    Hireling exiting combat mode ( beta)

    I was doing a skirmish and I had one hireling left in the fight vs one enemy. For some reason she stopped fighting and just stood there (bottom left) until I was done.
  4. Bobob

    "Improved footwork" is actually a downgrade?

    Ever since the new update moving my character in combat has been really awful. It's like playing with lag. Anyone else experiencing this?
  5. Bobob

    Application error - can't leave match ( Beta)

    I got an unknown application error at the start of an arena duel, then when I finished it the exit button wouldn't appear. Looked like this:
  6. Bobob

    Unkown application error ( Beta)

    I started a new campaign mode character and got this: I had to alt+f4 and the new character wasn't saved.
  7. Bobob

    Failed to obtain user item ( Beta)

    Got this today. Restarting the game would not fix it. A bit later I also got this when I tried to equip his greaves:
  8. Bobob

    Blocking in pugilism

    Is it just me or does nobody ever block in unarmed combat? My character never does and neither do the ai characters.
  9. Bobob

    Error loading user interface (0.6.1 beta)

    I lost a pugilism match, approached the roster and got this: I clicked around a bit, and then got this: Clicking "ok" wouldn't do anything. Maybe the error kept popping up instantly. I had to alt+f4 and it worked fine afterwards. Edit: I won a pugilism match this time, approached the...
  10. Bobob

    Unkown application error (0.6.1 beta)

    I've just started an arena character and clicked on "manage". Got an unkown application error. Everything seems to be fine though.
  11. Bobob

    Sometimes this happens when I launch

    It screenshots the desktop when I capture, so I took an actual picture. I can move the mouse but can't click on anything. Everything is kind of dark and colourless except for the title and the bit with the potion. It shows that the game is "Running" in task manager and I have to close it from...
  12. Bobob

    -my bad please delete-

    The next big patch is going to be about the arena, and I need this :D Just a suggestion of course (pls)
  13. Bobob

    guyz pls

    i am log on to computor check steam store no update check web site no update i am die before patch i cri i cri very mch (that's a rap, folks)
  14. Bobob

    Secret items

    My character is standing near the portal right now (first time :D) and before I leave I want to know if there is anything I missed. I have found: Also, will the next update reset saves? I assume they probably won't be compatible...
  15. Bobob

    I love the hammer

    Felt like doing some sledgehammer naked arena, because the longsword was getting boring. THIS THING IS GREAT. Murdering buggers in 2 hits, knocking people over, hearing that OMPH sound. Delicious.
  16. Bobob

    Balancing thrusts in the future

    I had an interesting thought regarding thrusting attacks. In the game, if you use a sharp weapon (say the expert longsword) you still need a couple of hits to take down the first novice arena dude, even though he wears no armor. In real life, he would probably be incapacitated after one good...
  17. Bobob

    About upcoming skill progression

    I want to say something about it: I think it would be annoying and bad if the skill system made us forget all we already know now - like having to learn how to feint, block or do a doublestrike. I think that new skills should be improvements or new moves entirely. It is worrying to see the WIP...
  18. Bobob

    Typo in parchment

    "even fires than never burn out"
  19. Bobob

    Insider forum

    Hello, I think that access to the Insider section would help a lot of new players and help improve popularity as they get good. I understand that it is supposed to be a perk for those who have supported the game for many years, but I request that you at least let us view the contents of the...
  20. Bobob

    A couple of bugs

    Hello, I wanted to inform the forum and devs of these things: Every time I start a campaign I get an unknown error. Nothing major happens but when I die the 'Exit' option doesn't appear. Also, I found vambraces whose skin couldn't load, resulting in invisible wrists :p but it also made a message...


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